Cartoonist Uses Twitter To Explain How An Entire Generation Learned To Appreciate Classical Music

Many people had a childhood intrinsically linked with cartoons and indirectly with the music that was played in those cartoons. One of the most notable scenes being the Tom and Jerry Piano Concerto scene.

Well, for those of you who remember these cartoons fondly, a Cartoonist/Animator called Vincent Alexander has created a thread on Twitter highlighting some of the most frequent songs. “THREAD: Lots of us learned classical music from watching old cartoons, so I’m going to identify the pieces that frequently popped up.”

He really has done an awesome job of compiling all of these brilliant videos and adding content to each one including song names and descriptions. He is also a talented animator, after you’ve checked out his brilliant feed of classical cartoons below, make sure you check out his original works his Twitter profile, link at the bottom of this page.

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