When Classical Music Concerts Go Wrong And Surprise The Audience

This is a brilliant compilation of the funniest moments caught on camera during classical music concerts. From startled audience members to a cat raiding the stage, these funny moments are sure to get you smiling! So sit back and enjoy these funny classical music concert moments.

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Classical music concerts have seen some of the most talented musicians in the world playing exceptionally hard musical pieces. This musical seriousness can sometimes be shattered by an unexpected event, or animal or moment of sheer brilliance.

One of the best moments in that compilation is the performance from Finnish soprano Sirkka Lampimäki who surprised the audience with a flawless cartwheel resulting in an incredible finish, no pun intended. The acrobatic soprano works as a freelance opera singer and as a lecturer in Acting Arts at the Theater Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. She specialises in sound use and singing. She is the artistic director of the Toivo Kuula singing competition in Alavus.

So next time your town or city has a classical music concert on, get some tickets and enjoy the beautiful music on display and maybe you’ll get more than you bargained for!

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