School Choir Class Dynamix Slay Audition With High Energy, Anti-Bullying Message

The school choir Class Dynamix slayed their Britain’s Got Talent audition with a high energy, anti-bullying song that had the whole audience on their feet. The choir is made of kids aged just 9 to 11 years, yet they laid down a confident and rocking performance, with totally on point dancing and singing.

The kids sang an original song with the catchy refrain of “B-U-double L-Y-I-N-G. Stop bullies, hey! Stop bullies!” along with a synchronised dance. The vocals were given in a strident rap style and the kids had so much enthusiasm that just makes you smile watching them perform. You can watch their audition below.

Class Dynamics’ performance is especially impressive as the kids had no idea they were due to perform on national TV until the morning of the audition. Judge Simon Cowell visited their school, Windmill Primary in Leeds, on the day and let them know that their singing coach Danny had secretly entered them into the competition. The class gave the TV star a riotous reception, with the kids screaming and jumping up and down with excitement.

The judges loved their onstage energy and David Walliams said “Wow, what a brilliant song. You performed it fantastically and you’re putting such a positive message out there. Well done, because it’s a big thing to come onto a stage like this.” The group progressed as far as the semi-finals, where they sang a song about self-confidence that showed off more of their singing talent, this time with a chorus that declared “I am all the things that I believe I am.” Hear it for yourself below.

Alesha Dixon was a big fan of their audition, saying “It’s so catchy – I love it. Every child in the world should be singing that song. That’s how you tackle bullying and I’m so proud of every single one of you.”

Amanda Holden was likewise impressed, commenting “All of you were brilliant and I’m singing that song in my head right now. It’s so catchy. It was so inspiring and I loved it.” Cowell weighed in last, saying that when he met the kids, they were humble about their skills, “yet little did I know that you were gonna be brilliant. This is such a strong message. We’ve never heard a choir like you before. This is one of the best we’ve heard.”

The judges then gave three yes votes in quick succession, yet Cowell kept the tension. The kids prompted him to get onboard and he finally gave his own seal of approval, after which the kids celebrated wildly onstage, jumping up and down with joy in the way that only kids can. The audience was really gunning for the children to succeed and the result created a real feel-good moment for the audition.
The choir is still active and specialise in hosting events at schools, creating custom videos and they always deliver a message of hope and positivity.

If you would like to see more from Class Dynamix, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel. You can also visit their official website for more information.

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