Watch This Very Special Duet Between Christina Aguilera And Whitney Houston That Never Made It To TV

The untimely death of legendary singing star Whitney Houston broke the hearts of many music fans. Known for her powerhouse singing and incredible vocal control, Whitney influenced numerous artists from Janet Jackson to Rihanna. Her vocal talents also had a palpable influence on Christina Aguilera – the American singer and actress notable for her four-octave vocal range – hence, it seemed appropriate that these two legends of pop music performed a duet together back in 2016.

But this wasn’t any ordinary duet. With Whitney having passed away in 2012, Christina actually duetted with a Whitney hologram, the pair standing side by side like they would have been if they were doing a real duet. This subsequently made for a very special performance, which featured a number of Houston’s greatest hits including ‘I’m Every Woman’. “Two of the most powerful voices in music history” said one viewer of the video, which has since been watched by over two million people. If you are in the USA, scroll down to the next video as NBC have blocked it in your country.

Unfortunately due to copyright laws, people in the USA are unable to watch the hologram duet anywhere on the internet. So if you have found that the video above is blocked in your country, we’re really sorry – but so you don’t feel left out, check out Christina’s unbelievable tribute to Whitney Houston in the video below – it’s just as good a their hologram duet (maybe even better):

But while two million viewers might sound like a lot, the performance was actually supposed to have been watched by many more. Originally scheduled as part of an episode of The Voice, the duet was pulled from television at the last minute after it was leaked online. The Whitney Houston estate subsequently decided that hologram technology was not yet sufficiently developed to give the late singer the justice she deserved; “Whitney’s legacy and her devoted fans deserve perfection”, they later said.

Despite this, after the duet was leaked, fans praised both the quality of the hologram technology and Christina’s performance. The latter was particularly impressive, with the ‘Genie in a Bottle’ singer swapping her trademark hip-hop and Latin-pop infused style for soaring melodies and intricate vocal ornamentation. No doubt, some fans will also remember her singing Houston’s song ‘I Have Nothing’ at just 12 years old, a performance which received a similarly positive reaction from her audience.

It is a great shame that Christina and Whitney’s duet never made it onto television, although given that Whitney’s virtual persona has since been on a tour of America, perhaps someday soon Christina will get another chance to perform with the hologram. Until then, at least we have the footage of their performance on The Voice to watch online, which showcases not only the inherent talent of the two vocalists, but also the huge respect that Christina – an iconic vocalist in her own right – quite obviously has for the genre-defining Whitney.

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