Chris Rodrigues And The Spoon Lady Play A Beautiful Song Called Angels In Heaven

If you think you’ve heard talented musicians making music on everything imaginable, think again! In this amazing viral video, a woman named The Spoon Lady accompanies guitarist Chris Rodrigues on, you guessed it, the spoons.

They play a song written by Rodrigues called Angels in Heaven, and it’s one of the most impressive performances you’re likely to see, so, who are these very talented musicians?

Chris Rodrigues is a contemporary Christian musician, singer and songwriter. He was born on the 7th of June 1989 in Asheville, North Carolina. Chris’ father left when he was only five, so from a young age, he started to pick up odd jobs to help make ends meet. Chris has been playing the guitar since he was a toddler, and he played in bluegrass, rock and metal bands throughout his time at school. Eventually, he began busking to raise more money to help support his mother.

He began performing on the streets regularly in 2012 and then met Abby The Spoon Lady in 2013. They began working together and released an album called Working On Wall Street in 2017. However, Chris does still create his own music, too and released a solo album called I’ll Keep My Light Lit in 2016.

Abby was born on the 29th of October 1981 in Wichita, Kansas. Her given name is Abby Roach, and she is an activist for free speech and a former radio personality as well as a musician. Not much is known about Abby’s childhood, but her life as a performer began during her travels across America. Abby travelled by hopping on and off freight trains and supported herself by busking.

She may never have met Chris, but it seems fate intervened. Abby says she arrived in Asheville entirely by accident as she boarded the wrong train. It’s lucky for us that she did as she and Chris make truly wonderful music together.

That’s not all Abby does, though. Abby works as an advocate for free speech and in support of street performance as an art form. She is one of the founders of the Asheville Buskers Collective and has recorded buskers in the Asheville area as part of a project called Busker Broadcast.

These two performers have tons of talent on their own but when they come together the result is truly amazing. Their perfomance of Angels in Heaven has received more than 60 million views on YouTube and the internet is just loving it. It was recorded on Abby’s porch and the rustic setting adds to the beauty of the performance.

Chris’ fingers seem to dance over the strings and it’s almost beyond belief that anyone could create such an intricate rhythm with just a set of spoons. The lack of frills seems to excite the internet more than anything. Sometimes a stripped back tune on someone’s porch or on the street makes the most memorable music. As one commenter enthused, “Now this is how music is supposed to be. Pure. Raw. Talent. Not all the BS on the radio and the craziness of the music industry. I love this. Please never change. Y’all are amazing!”

I you want to see more spoontastic music you can subscribe to Abby The Spoon Lady on YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit the spoon lady’s official website.

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