All-Inclusive Theatre Act Chickenshed Earn The Coveted Golden Buzzer On Britain’s Got Talent

Sometimes, a talent show can tug at our heartstrings more than we could expect. While they are certainly here to entertain in many ways, shows like Britain’s Got Talent can teach us a thing or two about the importance of both inclusivity, and diversity within the entertainment industry, and how important it is to allow everybody an opportunity to reach for their dreams.

If there was ever an act that could sum up the sense of community and inclusivity that we need to see more of in the world today, it would be Chickenshed. As we will see in today’s article, they are an incredible theatre company that places inclusivity at the top of their priority list. Known as a safe space for all to try out theatre, they have national recognition and adoration from many of the UK’s public. Watch their dazzling performance on Britain’s Got Talent in the video below:

Based in North London, Chickenshed became a home for people from all walks of life to either try out the performing arts for the first time or share their passion for the arts with anyone and everyone who enjoys it too. Before their performance, one of the children says “It’s like we’re all a big family”, and another says that it feels like a home to them. It gives these children a sense of community and mutual love, which is an incredibly important aspect of life.

But, Chickenshed is not just for children. People from all ages and backgrounds can join in, and the only requirement is that those who are a part of their company believe in and support each other. It is an incredible initiative that inspires people to take up something new or find a new community with a diverse mix of people that could, eventually, feel like a first or second home to them. They perform regularly; watch one of the trailers for their 2022 show ‘Jack!’ below:

Despite their success on Britain’s Got Talent, it may come as a shock that Chickenshed had in fact been in operation for over 50 years. It began in 1974 when musician and composer Jo Collins met a teacher and director called Mary Ward, who both shared the belief that theatre and the performing arts should be for everyone. This led to them eventually operating their own theatre out of church halls, before being offered the use of a disused chicken shed by Lady Elizabeth Byng, thus giving birth to the Chickenshed name.

The Chickenshed’s performance on Britain’s Got Talent earned them the coveted Golden Buzzer, which guaranteed them a place in the live portion of the show. Not only that but despite the act not reaching the competition’s grand final, they remain highly active on both social media and the theatre circuit, with the former being amplified due to their Britain’s Got Talent performance. We wish Chickenshed the very best of success in the future. If you would like to see more from Chickenshed, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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