The Centeno Siblings A Talented Family From The Philippines

The Centeno Siblings are a family of young singers from the Philippines. Their goal is “To inspire and motivate everyone who are losing their hopes.”

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About The Centeno Siblings

Born in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, to parents Rodel Centeno and Leny Cuna Centeno. The eldest child, Ranniedel, was born in 2006 and his parent said when he was a baby he used to cry in a very high-pitched tone. His brother, Mark Joseph, was born in 2010. Mark was a miracle baby who wasn’t breathing when he was born. However, his strength took him through a very tough birth for the family and now he is thriving as their “Miracle Child”. John David was born in 2011 and the newest member to the family is their younger sister, Honey, who joined the family in 2014.

Their father, Rodel, works as an auto shop supervisor and Leny, the children’s mother, is a stay-at-home mother who has been instrumental in nurturing the singing talents of her children.

Early Talents

The sibling’s parents reflected on the early signs that their children had an interest in music. They would stand on chairs using a piece of wood as a prop microphone and pretend they were in concert. This isn’t unusual behaviour for children, but the Centeno Siblings would go on to create incredible videos racking up millions of views online.

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