Celine Dion Surprises Couple At Wedding To Sing Her Hit “Because You Loved Me”

One couple tying the knot in Las Vegas had one helluva memorable first dance when Celine Dion dropped into their intimate wedding to sing her worldwide hit “Because You Loved Me”. The Queen of Power Ballads made a surprise appearance on Jason and Kate’s big day during an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the man himself also appeared to officiate the wedding.

The episode was filmed at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood, which has a chapel onsite. After David Spade and Jimmy cracked a few jokes, Kimmel told the couple that he knew a “local performer” who could be their wedding singer. The newly married couple instantly knew something was up, before Dion appeared and sang her hit song. Check out the video below, which has been viewed 5.8 million times.

The couple enjoyed a romantic slow dance while the superstar serenaded them and their intimate wedding party. True romantics flooded the comments with their appreciation for the special moment, with the top comment summing up the sentiment nicely: “For Celine to take the time to sing such a romantic song on their wedding day shows what a really wonderful person Celine really is. So romantic! They will always remember that song as their song.”

Dion, who was born in Charlemagne, Quebec on 30 March 1968, was 51 years old when she crashed the wedding with Kimmel. You can see the megastar perform “Because You Loved Me” below in her commercial heyday at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Despite the performances being more than a decade apart, both are remarkably on-point and showcase why she stayed on top in the pop game for so long.

Kimmel wasn’t lying when he said he had a local singer arranged for the wedding, as Dion has quite a history with Las Vegas. Her debut concert residency at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace premiered in 2003 and was planned for three years. The residency was such a smash hit that it was extended to five years, and became the most successful residency of all time, grossing $385 million dollars.

The pop star followed up her debut with a second residency in 2011, which ran for nine years. Dion is even credited with revitalizing the entertainment industry in Las Vegas with the huge success of her shows. She has since been titled the Queen of Las Vegas, and unsurprisingly maintains a property in the city.

Dion’s choice of “Because You Loved Me” for the couple’s first dance is a natural choice, as it’s one of the top selections for a romantic first dance tune. Ironically enough, it’s also very popular at funerals! We probably won’t be seeing one of those on Jimmy Kimmel Live any time soon though.

“Because You Loved Me” was a worldwide hit for Dion in 1996 and remains one of her most popular songs, with 357 million streams on Spotify, which is second only to “My Heart Will Go On” in total streams. The Grammy-winning song sold two million copies in the US, becoming Dion’s second number one hit in the country. If you would like to see more from Celine Dion, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram.

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