Laugh As A Confident Stray Cat Disrupts A Concert

There's nothing more annoying than being absorbed in a classical music performance and having it disturbed by talking, mobile phones or even coughing. However, no one expected a cat to join the list of interruptions.

At a concert in Istanbul, that's exactly what happened, though; a stray cat strolled onto the stage. With a sense of superiority that only cats have as well as its cuteness and utter obliviousness, the kitty completely distracted everyone present and stole the show. Take a look at the adorably funny video here:

When we join the show, the beautiful tabby and white cat is performing a kitty classic and weaving around the legs of one of the cellists. She can't help but laugh and even leans down to stroke the interloper. That's not enough for our feline visitor, though. First, it heads over to the conductor's podium in the centre of the stage and rubs its whiskers on it to mark the area with its scent.

Then, seeming to understand the pecking order instinctively, it heads over to the leaders of the orchestra, the violins. Taking their performance seriously, the violinists try not to engage with the furry intruder other than trying to shoo it away. With a sense of self-assurance that only a cat can display, it ignores the attempt and continues to parade around the stage.

A couple of members of the orchestra try to pick it up, but as anyone who owns a cat will tell you if they don't want to be picked up, then it's not happening! The agile puss avoids them easily.

As the conductor arrives to begin the concert, he is joined on his podium by our uninvited guest. He laughs helplessly and seems to realise that removing the cat is not an option. He bows to the inevitable and begins the show. At this point, the kitty is sure he or she has won the battle and settles down to enjoy the show. Not from anywhere discreet or out of the way, though. In true cat fashion, it settles itself in the middle of the front of the stage to enjoy the show from the best seat in the house.

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