Carrie Underwood’s Adorable Christmas Duet With Son Isaiah On “Little Drummer Boy”

Carrie Underwood sang the most precious duet with her five-year-old son Isaiah Fisher on “Little Drummer Boy”. Young Isaiah opens the song with a darling lead vocal on the first verse. The footage from the session shows his proud mum right there in the vocal booth with him and encouraging him as he sings, creating a very special moment for the pair.

Underwood sings the second verse and then later in the song the pair join their voices together in a beautiful moment for the final section. The dynamic duo teamed up in the studio to cut the track for Underwood’s seventh studio album My Gift. The 2020 release was her first Christmas album and it got quite a warm reception, peaking at number five on the US Billboard 200. You can watch the pair perform the song in the video below.

Isaiah was born in Tennessee on February 27, 2015 to Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher, who is a retired National Hockey League player. Underwood commented on the origin of her duet with Isaiah before the film clip starts, saying “Children are truly our greatest gift. For this album, My Gift, I had the pleasure of sharing the thing that I love doing the most in the world: singing, with one of the people that I love beyond measure, my son Isaiah.”

Underwood explained that “Little Drummer Boy” is a central song for the album. She said “that’s where the title of the album came from, and it’s one of my absolute favourite Christmas songs and I started thinking about what would make it extra special.” One of the biggest songs on the album is "Hallelujah", which is a duet with R&B icon John Legend. In the video below you can hear the two stars sing the song, which was penned by Legend and songwriter Toby Gad.

Hearing Underwood and Isaiah sing together made a big impression on her fans, with many adding positive comments such as “He certainly has the voice of an angel and takes after his beautiful mother!” and “This made me cry, there is nothing that touches my soul as much as the sweet voice of a child singing.”

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