Caroline Manning Emotional Moment As She Reacts To “Dear Sister Leaving For College”

Music is a powerful force that can bring us all closer to one another, and this is especially felt by many in their families. Some children bond over the music they listen to with their parents, which can last for a lifetime, and others will create many memories together using music as the background cement for these precious moments in life. For Caroline Manning, the latter was about to be incredibly important for herself and her sister at a critical point in their lives.

In the focus of today’s article, we will be looking at Caroline Manning’s YouTube video which shows the connection that she has with her sister. In the video, she records herself with her sister as she listens to Caroline’s new song, “Dear Sister Leaving For College”. As the song title explains, her sister is leaving the family home at this point in life, and Caroline sums up her emotions in one sweet song. Watch the emotional video below:

From the outset, it’s immensely clear that Caroline and her sister have a special relationship. Joking between each other before the song begins, and then immediately going quiet and watching them both become emotional is a difficult thing to watch, especially if you have experienced a sibling move away before. But what the video highlights is their strong bond, and the care that they have for each other.

Caroline Manning is a popular YouTuber from Austin, Texas, who has experienced significant success in the short amount of time that she has been a full-time content creator on the platform. At the age of just 19, she has amassed over 1 million subscribers, with the above video collecting over 15 million views since its release. She is best known for her music, but she also uploads regular vlogs of her going about her life. Her most recent video features her first day in college as a sophomore:

The emotional reaction video of Caroline Manning and her sister watching Caroline perform “Dear Sister Leaving For College” is emotional enough with the raw video and audio alone, but they take it one step further. In the original video, Caroline added pictures and videos of herself and her sister together, and all the memories that they have created, to add to the emotional punch of the music video. According to Caroline, all the friends that she showed the video to began to cry as soon as it started, and it’s no wonder!

What the video also highlights is that love, especially in families, is not all positive. Sometimes it comes with incredibly hard moments, like a close sibling moving away for college, and that comes with its own obstacles and tests. But it’s clear through this video and the relationship that these sisters have that they will overcome whatever comes their way, and create even more memories in the years to come.

Whatever Caroline Manning, her sister, and her family pursue over the coming years, we wish them the very best and hope that they can continue to nourish the bonds that they have established with each other. If you would like to see more from Caroline Manning, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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