Carmelo Munzone Wows X Factor Australia Judges With Incredible Maroon 5 Audition

From the beginning, we knew that Carmelo Munzone’s X Factor 2012 audition was going to be unforgettable. Showing off his double-jointedness, which he can flex in his fingers and jaw, the narrator jokingly suggested that he had entered the wrong competition. However, after his blistering performance, the world knew that he was dedicated to becoming Australia’s newest vocal star. His vibrant personality and excitement to contend made for an intoxicating audition that left the audience speechless!

The 22-year-old from Sydney, New South Wales, comes from a rather large Italian family, with his grandparents having 12 brothers and sisters each! Staggering facts aside, he came onto the stage with a confidence that many would love to possess when he auditioned with a rendition of “Sunday Morning” by Adam Levine. Noting that Adam Levine is his idol, Carmelo gave a performance that would have certainly made him proud if he got the chance to watch it! Check it out below:

As soon as Carmelo began his performance, his confidence came through even more. He looked natural on stage as he walked around and pointed towards the judges, and even shared a giggle or two in the process as the crowd cheered him on. After some disappointing performances on that episode of The X Factor Australia, Carmelo’s audition was sure to be a breath of fresh air for the judges.

Maroon 5 is an unmistakable American pop-rock band that became immensely popular in the early 2000s. They made themselves stand out among the hefty competition at the start of the century with their dynamic beats and beautiful melodies that rarely fail to put a smile on the faces of those who listen to them. Their songs bring a carefree joy, especially “Sunday Morning”, which is perfect to listen to on a rainy day. Another huge hit of theirs is “Makes Me Wonder”, which you can listen to here:

Carmelo Munzone’s time on The X Factor was a rollercoaster of emotion. After initially being eliminated from the Judges’ Houses portion of the competition, he was brought back in Week 2 after fellow contestant Josh Brookes was disqualified from The X Factor for behaving inappropriately on social media. After returning to the competition, Carmelo made it to Week 4 before being eliminated again, this time in 9th place.

If you want to follow Carmelo Munzone on his journey to become Australia’s newest vocal star, you can do so on his Instagram. Be sure to keep up with Carmelo’s vibrant personality and stellar performances!

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