Calum Graham Performs Breathtaking Cover Of Billie Jean On The Harp Guitar

Calum Graham A Breathtaking Guitarist From Canada

If you’ve never heard of him, meet Calum Graham, an exceptionally talented Canadian guitarist. He was born on 29 October 1991 and raised in Alberta, and unlike some musical prodigies, he only started learning to play the guitar at 13 years old.

This later start did not hold him back, though. A mere five years later, he entered the Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition, a very prestigious part of the Canadian Guitar Festival. Having the courage to enter is an amazing feat considering he’d only been playing for five years. Take a watch of his stunning cover of “Billie Jean” using a harp guitar.

Even more impressively, however, he won over the judges and was awarded 1st place, something no other teenager has accomplished in the festival’s history! In addition, a clip of Calum’s amazing performance was uploaded to YouTube and has received over a million views.

Believe it or not, Calum’s talents are not limited to the guitar. In 2011 he won a nationwide competition to find “A Song For Canada”. He entered a piece of poetry that was used as part of the song I’m Here, (A Song For Canada). Calum co-wrote the final song, which fellow Canadian singer Chantal Kreviazuk performed.

It’s not a surprise that Calum’s fame spread throughout his homeland. His talent and his unique sound soon attracted The Feldman Agency, Canada’s No. 1 booking agency. In 2014 they decided to put him together with Gavin Brown, one of Canada’s leading producers. Brown was working on a musical series called Sessions X. The series featured world-famous artists, including Tears For Fears, so it speaks to Calum’s talent that he received an invite to be part of it. If you haven’t heard any of Calum’s performances, why not start with this one?

Calum plays one of his compositions, Farewell, on the harp guitar, a beautiful and unique instrument. It seems to convey emotion in a way that few other instruments can, and many YouTube fans commented they had tears in their eyes as they watched the video.

Calum has undertaken many other varied projects, including co-writing a musical score for an underwater documentary for IMAX cinemas. The documentary was called Humpbacks and was narrated by the critically acclaimed actor Ewan McGregor.

As he is a musician, it was only logical that Calum would make an album of his own. To date, he has released six albums which is pretty impressive considering he has only just about to turn thirty. His talent, combined with a strong work ethic, maybe the reason his estimated net worth is between 1 and 5 million dollars.

With such an ability to convey emotion, it seems likely that Calum has a significant other, but this is one part of his life about which he is tight-lipped. Calum prefers to keep his personal and professional life separate. This point of view is understandable as it must put a lot of pressure on artists to feel like they are under constant scrutiny.

If you would like to join his 32,000 YouTube subscribers head over to his YouTube channel for more brilliant videos or follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

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