Heavy Metal Teen Callum McPhie Dominates Australia’s Got Talent With Metallica Cover

Metal music changed the world. There is very little debating in that fact; it influences countless people and creates brand new communities thanks to its fresh, in-your-face attitude to both the world and the instruments that helped carve the genre. Metallica is undoubtedly one of the most influential metal bands, with an immeasurable number of people noting that they inspired them to create their own bands.

Callum McPhie, a young boy from Canberra, Australia, is one such individual. But he’s kicking his dream off a little earlier than most; at just 10 years old, he covered Metallica songs on Australia’s Got Talent. While that sentence kicks in, you can watch the video of his blistering performance of Metallica’s classic ‘Enter Sandman’ on the Australian talent show for yourself below:

Seeing a young boy clad in metal gear, holding a guitar almost as tall as him, was notably a shock to both the audience and the show’s judges. Nevertheless, as he fires off into Metallica’s classic riff with a flying kick, it’s immediately aware all that a star has been born. From his energy to his general performance of a particularly tricky metal song, young Callum McPhie dominates the stage with enthusiasm and passion.

Not only has Callum had a loving and supportive family and fanbase to keep his aspirations fired up, but he has also had some excellent tutorship. He is taught by a guitar teacher in France who also coaches Tina S, another guitar virtuoso who has taken the world by storm with her complex guitar covers, solos, and all. Watch her perform a blinding cover of Megadeth’s ‘Tornado Of Souls’ below:

Callum’s spectacular audition performance made him earn his way into the main legs of the competition, all the way up to his ultimate performance in the show’s grand final. Despite playing one of the most difficult metal songs to play on guitar – Dragonforce’s ‘Through The Fire And The Flames’, he has been voted off the show, with Fletcher Pilon instead taking home the $250,000 prize.

However, missing the crown of Australia’s Got Talent hasn’t stopped Callum from chasing his dreams. As of 2023, he continues to create and share music; he appears to be in a band called St. Crimson, who “recreate the raw live energy of prog-rock giants King Crimson in their early days.”

Regardless of what position he came in on Australia’s Got Talent, there is one irrefutable truth to his performance and his presence on national TV: he has been an inspiration to people both young and old to pursue their dreams.

It’s important to have people to look up to in the world, and from Callum’s performance, he’s certainly a role model to follow. After all, not many people can say that they met the true Prince Of Darkness: heavy metal legend and Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne. We wish Callum all the best in his future endeavors. If you would like to see more from St. Crimson / Callum McPhie, you can follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

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