Britain’s Got Talent Viewers Outraged After “Shocking” Final Result

Britain’s Got Talent viewers took to social media in outrage over the final results of the show’s 16th series. Norwegian comedian Viggo Venn emerged as the winner, receiving £250,000 in prize money and the opportunity to perform at the Royal Variety Performance.

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Venn’s comedic routine in a high-vis jacket impressed the judges and the audience, with Bruno Tonioli praising his physical comedy as world-class. Simon Cowell also expressed his admiration for Venn’s act. However, not all viewers agreed with the outcome, and there were boos from the audience and criticism on Twitter and Facebook. Watch Viggo’s final winning performance below and scroll down to see the moment he was crowned winner.

Some felt that other contestants, such as dancer Musa Motha and opera singer Malakai Bayoh, were more deserving. The final also featured magician Cillian O’Connor, who placed third, and dancer Lillianna Clifton as the runner-up.

Viggo’s victory was met with mixed reactions, with some fans celebrating his win and others expressing disappointment and questioning the fairness of the show’s results. Watch Lillianna Clifton’s (the competition’s runner up) performance in the final below.

In addition to the competition, the final showcased various highlights and surprises. Bruno Tonioli’s involvement as a judge brought new elements to the panel. There was a particularly shocking moment when Bruno was blindfolded for a stunt and handed a weapon, only to discover Simon lying on stage, creating a sense of panic.

Susan Boyle, the 2009 winner of Britain’s Got Talent, made a special appearance, performing with the cast of Les Misérables. The show also had its share of controversies, with Viggo accidentally swearing during his act, creating an unexpected blunder.

Overall, Viggo Venn’s win on Britain’s Got Talent stirred a range of emotions among viewers. While some celebrated his comedic talent and unique performance style, others felt that more deserving acts were overlooked.

The show’s final episode featured surprises and memorable moments, including a returning guest performance by Susan Boyle and Bruno Tonioli’s eye-catching stunt. Britain’s Got Talent continues to be a source of entertainment and controversy, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting the next season.

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