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Recently we have noticed Facebook pages posting our content that have no affiliation with The Music Man. To protect our readers from potential bad actors and to clearly distinguish ourselves from these pages – you can see below the Facebook pages we officially operate:

T5 Stories
The Gig Guide
Can’t Beat Music
Dance Floor Spotlight
Retro Rhythms

If you come across other pages that are not listed above posting the same stories as you read on The Music Man, they’re not operated by us and we cannot be responsible for their operations. If you read an identical story on another page and the link in the comments section does not lead to “themusicman.uk”, this is not a page that we operate.

The Music Man employs professional writers to bring you factually accurate and high-quality unique stories from the music industry. Unfortunately, there will always be bad actors on the internet who will steal our content for their own gain. Some of these fake pages may operate other scams online, so please check the website link “www.themusicman.uk” before clicking through.