Teen Dance Act Boyband Take Golden Buzzer After Crazy Performance On BGT

The teen act, Boyband, got off to a rough start on their Britain’s Got Talent debut, with Simon Cowell asking what they were going to sing, then asking if they were serious when they giggled and said they were a dance group. The boys then started stretching onstage, to the puzzlement of judge David Walliams. However, when the beat dropped on Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”, all worries were washed away as the boys began a tight dance routine with a ton of swag emanating from them.

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Host Ant McPartlin declared, “They’re brilliant”, but the five-piece London dance crew was just getting started. The fresh-faced group, aged 17 to 19, performed a high energy contemporary dance routine with breakdancing and hip hop influences. In the bridge, the lads began performing a series of acrobatic flips, which culminated in one member doing a series of six consecutive flips across the stage from end to end.

The boys’ mad skills and charisma had 100% won the audience over and the crowd was cheering non-stop at this point. With such wild moves, Boyband was also a massive hit online, gaining 63 million views for their audition, which made them one of the all-time biggest hits on the Britain’s Got Talent YouTube channel.

Next, it was hosts Ant and Dec’s time to shine. After the performance finished, the dynamic duo ran up onstage like schoolboys and plopped themselves on the judges’ desk. Despite David Walliams’ objections to this affront, Ant and Dec then smashed the golden buzzer and Boyband went into overdrive, doing more acrobatics and then hugging each other. Boyband returned in the season finale and raised the stakes with a truly epic performance, as you can see below.

For context, if you’re not an old hand with UK chart music, all the way back in 1994 Ant and Dec had a UK number one hit with their song “Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble”. The track was a catchy hip hop jam that had plenty of flashy dance moves that were roughly in the same ballpark as the kind of moves Boyband showed off during their audition. So Boyband’s appearance on the show was a great opportunity for Ant and Dec to show their support for their fellow dance crew.

After their audition, Judge Alesha Dixon called Boyband “sensational”, while Amanda Holden said that the crew was absolutely something the judges were looking out for on the show. The boys next appeared in the semi-final, where they danced to Usher’s “Scream” and each got to perform a short solo showcase during the song.

For their next appearance, Boyband got their groove on to an orchestral piece and performed a dance where each of them represented different elements. Holden was again full of praise for the group, saying it was their best performance so far. However, Simon Cowell wasn’t all that impressed, saying that the dance was “very good” but “predictable”. Boyband eventually placed 12th overall on series nine of Britain’s Got Talent.

If you want to see more of this energetic dance crew who wowed the audiences on Britain’s Got Talent, you can keep up with Boyband on their Instagram. With their mind-blowing dancing skills, it’s no wonder they’re one of the biggest hits online. Check out their original choreography with hip hop and breakdancing influence, and be sure to look out for some electrifying acrobatic flips!

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