Boogie Woogie Queen Ladyva Joins Dr K For Second Epic Jam

If you love Boogie Woogie music or the piano, you must have heard of Brendan Kavanagh, also known as Dr K and Swiss pianist Ladyva. Both are stars across YouTube and true pioneers of the boogie woogie sound.

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Dr K, in particular, is famous for his performances at public pianos across the UK, often sliding into others' performances and putting on a great show. That's why the internet was so excited when these two great performers got together for a jam in London.

The video was viewed more than 25 million times, and as one pianist exclaimed: "For those not familiar with boggie woogie, this is the real deal! I've been mainly a classical pianist and organist since I was 5, and I'm now 67. Unfortunately I never learned how to play this style of music! This takes a lot of talent to play like this! Love it!"

It's safe to say that everyone who watched the first video will be thrilled to know that one session wasn’t enough for this talented duo. Just a few months later, Ladyva and Dr K met up for more boogie woogie fun. When the video starts, Dr K and Ladyva are walking side by side to the piano. They appear to be at a train station or possibly an airport.

Ladyva sits down first and starts to play. She's wonderful to watch. Her feet are tapping, and it's obvious she feels the music in every inch of her body as she moves to the rhythm. Very quickly, a crowd starts to build, sensing that something special is going on. Dr K dances back and forward as she plays, teasing a few chords once in a while.

Soon, though, he takes a seat, and the piano explodes. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and anyone who watches will find their head bobbing and their feet tapping along. It's impossible not to smile while watching as it's so much fun, and Dr K and Ladyva are clearly having the time of their lives.

The performance ends with Dr K's arm around Ladyva, and they share smiles and a few words for the camera. Take a look now, as this performance is one not to be missed. To see more from Dr K you can subscribe to his YouTube channel and to see more from Ladyva, subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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