Have Yourself A Merry Christmas 2023 With These Delightful New Christmas Videos From Andrea Bocelli And Family

In the mood for exquisitely sung Christmas songs? “Ah!”, I hear you say. “We already have The Bocelli Family Christmas Album, thank you. And we’ve seen the TV special on YouTube,” you say. Excellent! We’re on the same page. A Deluxe edition of the Bocelli family album is out and it’s Santa’s-bag overflowing with new tracks and extras. Since we’re talking Christmas, there’s more. I have some spanking-new, winter-wonderland-fresh Bocelli videos to share.

The four new tracks are Let It Snow, the first single from the Deluxe Edition, Silver Bells, E’ Natale!, and Winter Wonderland. The bonus tracks include Do You Hear What I Hear (the Bocelli Family and Pentatonix), Feliz Navidad with The Simpsons, and a new recording of The Greatest Gift. You want more? Sure, why not, it’s Christmas. Here’s a track that’s so new it isn’t even on the album. Posted on YouTube on 18 December 2023, here’s Andrea and Matteo with Holy Night (The Chosen performance):

Beautiful isn’t it. What’s that? You’re not sure that you trust my judgment yet? Fair enough. Queen Beedat comments on YouTube: “My favorite Christmas song. It makes me cry. Beautifully sung. Thank you and God bless you. Merry Christmas.” May Fung says, “Matteo what a blessing that you can share the love of singing with your dad. Just amazing – the talents, the love, and the respect shown here is so touching and so contagious. May your legacy live long!” The song is from The Chosen soundtrack.

When it comes to the new single, Let It Snow, we’re spoiled for choice. There’s the official video and a lovely live performance for Good Morning America. Whaddat? Oh! You’ll decide which is the better version. Fine by me. It’s Christmas and Let It Snow is one of my (many) favourite Christmas songs. Well it’s settled. We’ll play both, then. First the official video.

The official video was released a couple of weeks before the Deluxe album, which came out on 10 November 2023. This is my personal favourite Andrea Bocelli song. As I’ve said, I’m partial to Let It Snow and the singing is great. I particularly like the subtle traces of Italian in Bocelli father and daughter’s voices, the song swings, and Virginia is delightful. The Good Morning America recording was posted on 13 December 2023. It’s the version I prefer. Go on, you be the judge.

You think that’s all I’ve got? The elves have been busy. They’ve just sent me a link to The Lord’s Prayer, posted on YouTube on 15 December 2023. A duet featuring father, Andreas, and son, Matteus, the track is on the Deluxe Edition of the Bocelli Family Christmas. Korneliaan-na states: “Beautiful rendition of the prayer, wonderful version… your heart grows while listening. The Bocelli duo is second to none. The surroundings add to the atmosphere. Thank you.” Roxanne Galati says: “You couldn’t ask for a more moving, beautifully done version of this important prayer. Thank you Bocelli family.” Here, watch the video:

You think the Santa-bag is empty? You think I’m going to start scraping the bottom of the barrel? Not a chance. Since the release of the deluxe version of their Christmas album, the Bocelli family has posted a number of new Christmas songs on YouTube. Santa’s got a brand new bag and it’s stuffed as full as a Christmas turkey at grandma’s. Nonetheless, it’s a busy time of year, so I must love you and leave you with one last offering. Here’s Andrea with Festa, as featured in The John Lewis 2023 Christmas advert. It’s a goodie. Enjoy. Merry Christmas from The Music Man

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