Billy Joel Sings ‘Piano Man’ With Array Of Special Guests

As the fourth best-selling musical artist in the US, with a career spanning from 1971 to the present day, it was only right when Billy Joel became the sixth recipient of the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song in 2014. Many gathered together to pay tribute to the beloved musician, with Twyla Tharp and fellow Gershwin Prize winner Paul McCartney giving speeches in tribute to Billy’s work. Many fellow musicians also appeared to perform his hit songs at the ceremony to celebrate his talent.

The highlight of the ceremony came at the very end when the wide array of performers and special guests from that evening came together on stage to sing the Billy Joel classic ‘Piano Man’. Kevin Spacey, Boyz II Men, Natalie Maines, Josh Groban, Gavin DeGraw, Tony Bennett, LeAnn Rimes, and Michael Feinstein all joined Billy on stage to perform the hit. They passed the microphone between each other to sing the verses while Billy fulfilled the role of the Piano Man by joining them on the keys.

After his passing a couple of years ago, many new online viewers were moved to see Tony Bennett onstage with his fellow performers. Despite not singing a verse of the song himself, the legendary jazz vocalist made an appearance on stage in order to support and celebrate Billy Joel and his music. The ceremony took place only a couple of years before Tony’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis – although he didn’t allow this to stop him from performing for a number of years afterward.

Those who were disappointed that Tony didn’t join in and sing with Billy on that occasion would be pleased to find out that this isn’t the first time the pair have appeared on stage together. Playing the final concert at legendary Shea Stadium before its destruction, Billy Joel performed his classic hit New York State of Mind. Halfway through, he introduced Tony Bennett, who had famously covered the song, and they finished the song together in a performance that sent fans wild.

On that same night, Billy was joined by many other friends, including Steven Tyler, Roger Daltrey, and Paul McCartney. Keeping company with such iconic musicians just goes to show the respect that Billy Joel commands within the music industry as well as outside of it. Respected as a legendary pop musician, songwriter, and the Piano Man himself, the Gershwin Prize made for the perfect opportunity for friends and fans to come together once again and celebrate Billy Joel’s glittering musical career.

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