Billie Eilish Wins Hearts With Her Excited Reaction To Fan Covers Of Her Songs

Billie Eilish won fans’ hearts with her excited reactions to watching fans cover her songs. The pop megastar was genuinely impressed and engaged with the covers, giving positive feedback and just loving the experience overall. Glamour magazine uploaded a video showing not only the pop star’s reactions, but also the cover singers hearing Eilish give her feedback on their performances. Of course, the fans were just over the moon to hear such glowing feedback from their idol.

Eilish was incredibly gracious with her feedback. For example, when hearing Xae cover her Platinum hit “Lovely”, Eilish said, “That is so clean! I have goosebumps. Something about the runs she did. I feel like I’ve never heard runs like that.” Eilish then invited Xae to write a song with her, to which Xae later exclaimed, “Is this real? This is great. Coming from her, it means so much because I love her so much.” Xae added that hearing that Eilish loved her work really boosted her self-esteem.

The video is also a great watch just to see the excellent covers. As Eilish observes, the cover artists do some really creative interpretations of her songs. The video was part of Glamour’s You Sang My Song series, which has also featured hitmakers such as Katy Perry, Pink, Charlie Puth, BTS, and Twice. Eilish’s take on the format was a big hit for Glamour on YouTube and attracted 164 million views. This made it the most popular video ever uploaded to the Glamour YouTube channel.

Fans watching the video were really impressed with Eilish’s sincere feedback on the covers, and added comments such as, “I love how kind and uplifting she is with others. It makes me want to be her friend” and “Billie Eilish is a genuine and unique gem in the art and music universe, and so down to earth.” Eilish really relishes the chance to create special moments with her fans, which was also seen when she surprised fans doing dance covers of her song by appearing in the flesh!

During her You Sang My Song episode, Eilish reacted to “Lovely”, “Ocean Eyes”, “Bellyache”, “When the Party’s Over”, “idontwannabeyouanymore”, and “You Should See Me in a Crown”. In addition to vocal covers, the video also featured a beautiful harp interpretation of “Lovely”, which Eilish said almost made her cry.

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