Children’s Nurse, Beth Porch, Blows Audience Away With Original Song On Britain’s Got Talent

Many people who enter talent shows such as The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent have perfectly normal lives and work in industries where many people’s talents go unsung. These people can surprise us and catch us off guard, making for exceptional talent and inspiring others to pursue their dreams instead of working their way down a particular career path.

Beth Porch, a contestant in 2020’s Britain’s Got Talent competition, did exactly that as she wowed the judges with a spectacular performance for her audition. A nurse by trade, Beth Porch primarily works with children, which earned her the immediate respect of both the audience and the judges. Watch her incredible performance of her original song in the video below:

Not only is Beth Porch an incredible musician, but she is also an excellent nurse. Before her performance, she explains to Amanda Holden and the rest of the crowd that she has been known to take her guitar to the hospital where she works, and has even offered patients to learn the guitar with her. Before long, patients were asking to have her perform for them, which won over the hearts of everyone in the room immediately.

Some of the greatest artists, performers, and musicians, have humble beginnings in healthcare. This may be an unexpected connection, but it may come down to the sense of dedication and humility that comes with both crafts to be successful. Some noteworthy celebrities who began their lives, or had a stint, working in hospitals, etc. include the famous country singer Naomi Judd, and even Tina Turner, who worked as a nurse’s aide at the Barnes-Jewish Hospital:

After a period of performing for patients throughout her studying years and into nurse practice, Beth Porch eventually decided that she should pursue the musician dream a little further and entered Britain’s Got Talent. The song she performs is original, and it’s about what she has learned from her nurse experiences and was inspired by seeing children patients with their parents.

What happened next stunned the audience. Her performance is delicate, calculated, and simply stunning. Despite the nerves, Porch glides through “You Taught Me What Love Is”, and stuns the entire room with her smooth voice and skillfully elegant guitar strumming. An eruption of cheer later, she passed the audition and went further into the competition.

The young artist and nurse continued in the competition to the semi-finals, where she performed another original song: “Everyday Heroes”. She was unfortunately eliminated but continues to work in children’s hospitals, primarily Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Her audition song, “You Taught Me What Love Is”, became an instant hit after she released it as a charity song dedicated to raising money for the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. This shows her character as a dedicated, caring individual who will go far in any avenue she chooses to pursue. If you would like to see more from Beth Porch, you can follow her on Instagram.

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