South African Belinda Davids Battles Nerves And Covers Whitney Houston At Britain’s Got Talent Audition

On talent shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, it’s rather easy to see that there is a wealth of people in the world who want to make something of themselves. Sadly, many will never reach the heights that they wish to hit, but some are cut from a different cloth and have the ability to go incredibly far. Belinda Davids, a South African native, is one such person.

Despite shaking with nerves, Belinda Davids enters the stage with grace and friendliness and introduces herself as a Whitney Houston cover singer. Immediately, Simon Cowell mentions how difficult the late great musician’s songs are to perform, to which Davids replies that she’s doing it for her children. After this daunting pre-performance talk, Davids erupts in a smile and begins one of the best performances Britain’s Got Talent has ever seen. Watch her perform “One Moment In Time” below:

Covering a legendary artist with an unmistakable voice such as Whitney Houston is no easy task, and very few will ever come close to sounding just like her. However, Belinda Davids came incredibly close to Houston in all forms of her performance. From her dominating yet graceful vocal performance to the way she seemed to hold the crowd in the palm of her hand, it’s apparent that Davids has the making of a great star.

After a mindblowing audition performance, Davids went on to compete in the later stages of the competition, while focusing on her ability to mimic Whitney Houston’s impressive vocal range. She would go on to the semi-final of the competition to perform another Whitney Houston hit, “I Have Nothing”. While the performance was noted as ‘electric’ by David Walliams, it was noted that she was focusing too much on being Whitney Houston instead of her personality.

Before appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, the South African singer had released several songs encompassing two full records. The self-titled Belinda was released in 1996, and a second album, I Love Christmas, in 2019, however, neither received significant praise nor commercial success. She also released a country record in 2019, which received a little more attention than her other releases; potentially due to her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent which helped her worldwide visibility.

Since her performance on Britain’s Got Talent, Belinda Davids hasn’t given up on her dream of being a worldwide star. She embarked on a worldwide tour in honor of Whitney Houston in 2022 and 2023, which allowed her to showcase her uncanny ability to replicate the late great singer’s impressive vocal talent, but stopped her from spreading her wings and attempting other vocal approaches.

Regardless of her failed records and persistence in ‘being’ Whitney Houston, it’s impossible to disagree that Belinda Davids has an impressive talent that she deserves to have flourish how she sees fit. As of today, she is still taking part in talent shows in other countries, and making music whenever she can. We hope that she continues to experience success in her life, and reaches the heights that she dreams of. If you would like to see more from Belinda Davids, you can follow her on Facebook.

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