Barbara Streisand & Michael Bublé Share Recording Studio Stories In “It Had To Be You” Duet

Imagine an official music video where the stars share cozy anecdotes while their hit plays in the background. That’s what Barbra Streisand’s official video for “It Had To Be You” had in store; a 2014 duet with Michael Bublé based on the 1924 jazz-pop classic by Isham Jones and Gus Kahn, overlaid with stories from the recording studio.

Their one-of-a-kind music video is packed with personality, humor, and old-school sophistication; it offers an intriguing glimpse into the professional music process as two world stars collide on this incredible song. Recorded alongside a live orchestra, Barbra returns to her roots as a musician while making way for Michael Bublé’s astonishingly smooth voice to captivate her audiences.

Their tones prove to be a match made in heaven, bridging generational divides through a song that transcends all of pop. “It Had To Be You” has been recorded by Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Tony Bennett & Carrie Underwood, Rod Stewart, Ella Fitzgerald, and countless other classic pop singers over the decades. Barbra and Michael are merely the latest names on an endless list, but their rendition, boasting over 8 million YouTube views, captures new shades unfound in other covers.

Their enchanting duet comes with the finesse of two indomitable careers in pop. The NYC-born superstar, Barbra Streisand, was 72 when she released “It Had To Be You,” taken from her 2014 US #1 album “Partners”. This record was jeweled with the best of her genre, featuring 17 duets with male singers including Lionel Richie, John Mayer, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli, and Barry Manilow, to name just a handful.

Those 72 years have come packed with 36 studio albums and an astounding 117 singles (the first released in 1962), and a shed’s worth of awards including 10 Grammys and, during her career as an actress, 5 Emmys, 2 Academy Awards, and 11 Golden Globes.

The Canadian singer, Michael Bublé, was aged 38 when he recorded with Barbra. His Christmas albums and commercial big band hits have made him one of the most famous voices alive when it comes to the world of traditional pop music standards. He has over 2.7M TikTok followers, 3.6M Instagram followers, and 8.1M Facebook followers, while his five most popular music videos on YouTube each have over 100M views.

With a handful of crossover modern jazz-pop hits such as “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” and his impeccable version of “Feeling Good” adapted into countless TV commercials, Bublé’s site reveals that Michael is “deeply committed to not only keep the flames of the great classics of the American Songbook alive and well – to not only breathe new life into them – but to bring his singular style, vocal power, and passion to timeless tunes that he loves.”

If you love the smooth vocal stylings of Michael Bublé, be sure to check out more of his work. You can find a myriad of performances and music videos on his YouTube channel. Follow him on his journey and see more behind the scenes content by following his official Instagram. To know more about his upcoming events and releases, visit his website.

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