Austin West The Guitar Soldier Performing For The US Army

Austin West is more commonly known as “The Guitar Soldier”, a YouTube channel dedicated to the guitar talents of US Army Band Member Austin West.

Austin has been uploading videos of himself playing awesome rock solos to his YouTube channel since December 2014. Recently, following the death of legendary musician Eddie Van Halen, The Guitar Soldier made an epic tribute to Eddie playing in full army uniform. The video was a hit across social media, generating more than 1.5 million views in a matter of days on Facebook. You can watch the video of Austin performing below.

At the time of this video being recorded, Austin is a recruiter for the US Army based in Watertown, N.Y. The talented guitarist will most likely be shipped out soon to perform as a member of the US Army Band. His powerful tribute to Eddie Van Halen has been picked up by major music reporters including Starts And Stripes who wrote an article on the video.

The Guitar Solider has a catalog of rock covers on his YouTube channel showcasing Austin’s ability usually in full army gear. The video below is his second most-watched video on his YouTube channel, a powerful cover of AC/DC.

Although we can’t find a Facebook page for the viral Army musician, he does have a Facebook account to which he uploads videos regularly. You can follow his account on Facebook if you wish to keep up to date with his latest work, link at the bottom of this page.

Compliments and tributes have poured in for the brilliant performance Austin produced featuring a medley of Eddie’s incredible work. As the video continues to gain views on Facebook (2.5M+) and across other social networks, Eddie will never be forgotten and we hope to see more from the brilliant Guitar Solider in the future!

If you want keep up-to-date with videos from this awesome US Army guitarist, subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow his Facebook page.

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