The Outstanding Performance Of World Champion Dancers Victor Da Silva And Anna Melnikova At The Kremlin Cup

Anna Melnikova, born in Moscow, Russia, and Victor Da Silva, born in Johannesburg, South Africa, are two extremely talented dancers with years of experience behind them.

The two of them started performing together in 2017, both as guests in dance competitions and sport dance events, and as judges. Over the years they have built up quite a loyal following, and their most viewed video on YouTube is a performance in which they dance to the notes of the famous song “I Put A Spell On You”.

Everyone is utterly mesmerised by their performances, praising the talent of the two dancers and their professional chemistry. It is clear that there is mutual trust and affinity, and they make every choreography look simple and spontaneous. Both are passionate about dance and each show is a delight for the eyes.

In 2019, they performed again at the Kremlin Cup, where they danced to Love Again. Achieving this level of expertise certainly requires absolute dedication and perseverance. Anna Melnikova started dancing at the age of 11 years old and performing competitively at 14, specialising in Latin American dance. Throughout the course of her career, she has partnered with world famous dancers and participated in a multitude of competitions around the globe.

Victor Da Silva started dancing at the age of 17. Together with his partner Hanna Karttunen, they have been three times undefeated World Champions and British Open Champions in Exhibition Dance. He has performed in several prestigious shows and theatres around the world including an honorary performance for Prince Albert and the World Media Awards in Monte Carlo.

Besides their performances, Victor and Anna offer masterclasses and private lessons from time to time. Victor is a choreographer and also a model, while Anna reunited after 12 years with her historical dancing partner Stefano Di Filippo. They keep on being dedicated and performing with other artists, and will certainly continue to amaze us with their breathtaking talent in the future. You can see more videos from these talented dancer on Marius Mutin’s YouTube channel.

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