Ann And Nancy Wilson Of Heart Still Get Pulses Racing

It’s been 50 years since Nancy Wilson joined her sister Ann Wilson in the newly formed Heart. For half a century, Heart has flown the flag for female-fronted rock bands. There have been a few hiatuses – between 1995 and 2002, Nancy took time off to concentrate on her family, between 2016 and 2019, the sisters were somewhat estranged, and immediately after the pandemic, Nancy toured as Nancy Wilson’s Heart – but Heart is still pumping.

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On New Year’s Eve 2024, the sisters fronted Heart for the first time in four years. On 29 January 2024, the sisters announced their 2024 Royal Flush World Tour. It’s a good time to be a Heart fan, and it’s a good time to remember the band’s first Billboard #1, These Dreams. These Dreams was the third of four top ten singles from the band’s eighth LP, Heart (1985). This video is from the Alive in Seattle DVD, which captured the last night of Heart’s 2002 reunion tour. Enjoy.

With 40.7M YouTube views, this version of These Dreams is a fan favorite. Videoconcierge is emphatic: “NOT up for discussion. THIS is the BEST live version of this song, ever. :).” Alan Springett is equally impressed: “No fancy nonsense, no backup, no special effects, just the pure skill of these ladies. It leaves me in awe.” Jeffrey Carbonell alludes to These Dreams being an atypical Heart song in that the lead vocal is by Nancy: “You cannot get a better backup singer than Ann Wilson.”

Brian Myers’ YouTube comment is poignant: “17 year old me thought this song was sappy and hated it. 54 year old me thinks this is absolutely incredible and beautiful. Nancy’s turn at lead vocals is amazing!” R Parello writes: “The power of Ann’s voice is out of this world, but the quality of Nancy’s voice just gives me goosebumps. And when the two harmonize… Heavenly.” “That’s all very well”, you may say, “but it’s 20 years later. What does Heart sound like now?” Well, let’s have a listen.

That, of course, was Barracuda, Heart’s 1977 Billboard #11 single from the album Little Queen. In 2009, the song was named the 34th best hard rock song ever by VH1. Not bad for a song that didn’t quite make the top ten! This version of the evergreen track was recorded on New Year’s Day at the 2024 Winter Classic outdoor ice hockey spectacle in Seattle. You would never guess that Heart had played a full show (the first in four years) at The Climate Pledge Arena the previous night. Singing in the freezing cold is never ideal, but Ann Wilson nails it.

Speaking of singing in suboptimal conditions, when Heart first recorded These Dreams in 1985, Nancy had a cold, which made her voice more raspy and gravelly than normal. According to Fred Bronson, the author of The Billboard Book of Number One Hits, after These Dreams topped the charts, producers recording Nancy’s vocals would ask her, “Can’t you just get sick again?” Incidentally, These Dreams was not only unusual in featuring guitarist Nancy on lead vocals, it was one of the first songs the band recorded that wasn’t written by band members. It is a Martin Page and Bernie Taupin song.

Looking at the 2024 performance of Barracuda, and listening to the familiar pulsing sound of the song, it is hard not to be amazed that Ann Wilson is 73 years old and that Nancy is 69. The Music Man wishes Heart well on the Royal Flush World Tour. Rock on, ladies!

If you would like to experience more of the magic that is Heart, you can follow them on their various social media platforms. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel for the latest music videos and live performances. Join their community on Facebook for updates on their tours and performances. Be sure to also check out their website for news and up-to-date information on their upcoming events. Heart continues to amaze fans with their boundless talent and original sound. They have been a powerhouse in the music industry for fifty years, still pumping out hit after hit. Join them on this amazing journey.

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