Andy Dexterity’s Audition On The Voice Is Both A Touching Performance, And A Powerful Message For Inclusivity

If you’re looking for an inspiring individual who is striving to make a change in the world, look no further than Andy Dexterity. His story is one full of emotion and difficulty, but out of his experiences, he has developed a humility and a sense of care for the community that made him a bastion of hope for an otherwise uncatered-for community. Just as it happens, he is also an incredibly talented performer and went to showcase his talents on The Voice.

According to Andy Dexterity, there was a gap in the music and performance arenas that needed to be filled with inclusivity, especially for the deaf community. This drive was inspired by moments in his childhood, and since then he has made it part of his mission to help others communicate, while also expressing himself in his way. He is a true soul with a golden heart, and you can watch his dazzling audition in the video below:

It’s a beautiful mission that Andy Dexterity has, but the real question remains: does his performance on The Voice impress the judges? The simple answer is, yes. They are both moved by this talented individual’s backstory and also wowed by his incredible voice. When they spin their chairs and learn about his sign language journey, they are immediately warmed up to him and allow him through into the next stage of the competition.

Not only is John Lennon’s timeless classic “Imagine” a difficult song to perform, but it is also a fitting song for Andy Dexterity’s mission. While the song’s lyrics point more towards a world without the division of borders and material possessions, it also highlights Andy’s aims to create a world where people can communicate without barriers. It also emphasizes the importance of peace and understanding, which reflects his desire to promote inclusivity. Listen to the original “Imagine” below:

The story behind Andy Dexterity’s determination to create a more inclusive environment for the deaf community comes from learning Sign Language at a young age after his mother went through an invasive surgery. This surgery resulted in his mother having to relearn to use her body again, and they used Sign Language to communicate. From then onwards, he became fascinated with Sign Language and other ways in which we communicate and advocated for better communication for everyone from that point onwards.

From the audition and his backstory, it was immediately clear that Andy Dexterity’s mission was to make a positive difference in the world and make the lives of others a little better in any way he could. His positivity and intelligence are infectious and should be an inspiration to us all to live in a more inclusive space for everyone. While he didn’t make it very far in The Voice, only reaching the Battle rounds, we hope that he continues on his mission of inclusivity and communication. If you would like to see more from Andy Dexterity, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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