Andrew Zarrillo Made The Front Page Of Reddit After Being Invited To Sing By Michael Bublé

Popular crooner Michael Bublé often invites an audience volunteer to sing at his concerts. It’s one of his ways of connecting with fans at his large-scale performances. Occasionally the audience volunteers are so good that Bublé gets accused of using “plants”. The Music Man has previously reported on some of Bublé’s more impressive volunteers. In this article, we feature Andrew Zarrillo. Zarrillo seems to have hoped to be the chosen one, as he dressed the part and hung out near the stage.

At the start of the video, a seated Bublé passes the mic to Zarrillo to sing the American standard Fly Me To The Moon. Bublé asks Zarrillo if he needs a little help. Zarrillo says, “No I’m Fine.” The moment Zarrillo starts singing, Bublé gets up and comically scarpers down the stage extension, as if scared of the competition. Bublé then sits on the edge of the stage facing away, as if sulking. He soon turns to Zarrillo and encourages him to keep singing. Pretty soon Bublé is up and dancing:

James comments astutely: “To all those who have never been on a stage like this or used a mic in front of a huge audience, it’s hard to hear your own voice in your head over the volume of the audience and music. This guy nailed it with NO MONITORS, no earpiece, only able to hear himself as it echoed around the venue while people all around him are screaming…that’s so hard to do even when you’re this good.” Lightskin quips: “How nice of Micheal Buble to show up at Andrew Zarrillo’s concert.”

Critics were equally impressed. CBC’s Melody Lau observed: “Michael Bublé is one smooth crooner, but he may have finally met his match at a recent concert”. Smooth Radio’s Naomi Bartram wrote: “Michael Bublé has been entertaining crowds for years, but he was almost outshone during one performance in Nashville.” On his webpage, Zarrillo says the video made the front page of Reddit, then soon went viral on social media and was covered in news features. This encouraged Zarrillo to post more songs:

That was The Way You Look Tonight, written by Dorothy Fields and Jerome Kern and sung by artists from Frank Sinatra to Tony Bennett and, of course, Michael Bublé. Zarrillo’s website states “Andrew’s singing has been shared on MSN, HuffPost, CBC Canada, Fox Houston and major outlets in Italy, Spain, and throughout South America”. He also has IMDB credits for appearing in the TV series Tornado Alley and the short film Revenge of the Flower Gang. He performed stunts in the series Speechless.

The February 2019 video of Zarrillo singing Fly Me To The Moon at a Michael Bublé concert currently has 29M YouTube views. Besides the periodic Frank Sinatra covers he posts on YouTube, last Christmas Andrew Zarrillo uploaded a number of Christmas-themed songs. Here is Let it Snow:

If you would like to see more from Andrew Zarrillo, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Facebook. You can also visit their official website for more information.

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