Popular Guitarist Andrew Foy Covers Pink Sweat$’s At My Worst With His Sister

Pink Sweat$’s At My Worst is getting a lot of love on YouTube. The original video has 195M views. Then there are all the covers of the song. The number of covers and the popularity of these covers is a little surprising as At My Worst is Pink Sweat$’s first single to chart in the US, and it only made #22 on the Bubbling Under chart. Then again, the Internet is not known as the World Wide Web for nothing. In Malaysia, the single hit the top spot, and in Singapore, it made number 2.

The upcoming cover of At My Worst by popular YouTuber Andrew Foy 앤디 (3.1M subscribers) and his sister Renee Foy has 18M views. That’s just under ten percent of the views of the original, which strikes me as remarkable. Andrew Foy is an impressive fingerstyle guitarist who releases instrumental covers on social media, except for when his sister joins in and sings. At My Worst is his second most popular cover on YouTube after his instrumental cover of Despacito (Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee).

Foy’s cover of Despacito has 23M views in 6 years, while his cover of At My Worst has reached 18M views in 2 years, so At My Worst may well catch up. Judging from the YouTube comments, I’d bet on it. My favourite comment comes from Everyonecanplaypiano: “I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I’m a whole air conditioner.” Alexandra-rr8xo says, “I got chills when Renee started singing. Her voice is soft and pure I love it. You guys are a great duo!”

Given the YouTube attention that Pink Sweat$ has been getting with At My Worst, despite it not really charting in the US or Europe, it seems best to introduce him briefly before returning to the Foy siblings. Pink Sweat$ is the stage name of David Bowden, a 31-year-old, Philadelphia-born R&B singer and songwriter. His strict Christian background meant that he only started listening to Rap and other non-Christian music when he was 17. Here he is with At My Worst from September 2020:

Pink Sweat$ entry into music-making was delayed by achalasia, a condition where the oesophagus is constricted. It took him three years to recover. He released his debut EP, Volume 1, on 2 November 2018. His debut album, Pink Planet, was released in February 2021. As you might have guessed, Pink Sweat$ habitually wears pink sweatpants.

Andrew Foy’s entry on Wiktubia has all the indications of having been assembled by AI. We learn that “Interested in music from an early age, he began singing as a young boy.” We also read: “Besides YouTube, the young singer is also popular on other social media platforms and has an impressive fan following on Instagram. Equally, Andrew was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is an American citizen”.

Foy uploaded his first YouTube video in late 2011 when he was only 10 (a cover of the Pink Panther Theme Song). He posted his last YouTube video on 13 August 2022. Given that he is 21 years old, it may be that Foy’s social media silence is due to post-school studies. Foy has described his 3-years-younger sister Renee as being so shy of her voice that it takes a lot of persuasion to get her to sing with him.

Here is Andrew and Renee Foy with the second most popular song on YouTube that they play together. It’s ILY (I love you baby) by Surf Mesa ft. Emilee and it has 7.5M views:

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