Andrea Bocelli Does Wacky “Jingle Bells” Collab With The Muppets

Andrea Bocelli did a memorable collab with The Muppets on “Jingle Bells”, with plenty of laughs to boot. During a live performance, the golden-voiced Italian tenor sings the song in a stately classical style, before The Muppets ask him to pick up the pace a bit and the singer does so. Further into the song, Bocelli switches between upbeat and slower sections as The Muppets argue over the arrangement, creating a quirky and hilarious performance that shows off the famous tenor’s voice quite well.

At the start of the performance, Bocelli’s producer David Foster introduces the song, saying “We racked our brains and thought, what would be the most unique pairing you could ever dream of for this great Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, and I think we came up with something pretty interesting.” Foster and Bocelli then yuck it up with The Muppets before launching into “Jingle Bells”. You can watch the unique collab below.

Before singing, Bocelli tells The Muppets that “When I was a child, I learned a very sweet and beautiful song that you probably know. It’s called ‘Jingle Bells’.” The sight of Kermit, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear singing along with Bocell, who is in full formal wear, is quite a scene. The collaboration with The Muppets was recorded for Bocelli’s first Christmas album, My Christmas.

My Christmas was a big hit, selling five million copies worldwide and three million in the USA alone, making it one of the highest-selling holiday albums in the country. Both of the videos above were recorded during Bocelli’s world tour to promote the album. The tour involved numerous high profile televised performances as well as multiple legs across North America, South America and Europe. Below you can watch Bocelli sing another big song from the album, “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”.

Fans loved to hear Bocelli work with The Muppets on the Christmas classic, and added appreciative comments such as “My heart melts when Bocelli sings. I adore him and his voice” and “This is now my officially favourite version of Jingle Bells! Andrea you once more give me butterflies!”

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