Andrea Bocelli And Heather Headley Sing Vivo Per Lei

Check out this version of Andrea Bocelli's 1995 classic live from the Teatro Del Silenzio, Italy in 2007. This beautiful piece is updated for a modern audience with Heather Headley performing the second part of the duet. With a stunning backdrop and a pitch-perfect performance, the 45 million views it has amassed so far serves a proof of its power.

Vivo per lei was originally recorded as a duet by both Andrea Bocelli and Giorgia Todrani – appearing on the Italian icon's second studio album 'Bocelli'. The song, which was written by Gatto Panceri and Valerio Zelli, has been released as a single in many formats over the years. This latest version, for our money, is just as good as any of them!

Heather Headley is a Trinidadian-born American singer who has taken home Tony and Grammy awards over the last decade for her musical and acting abilities. To date she has released five studio albums – achieving consistent praise for her vocal skills along the way.

Andrea Bocelli's signature tenor singing has made him one of the undeniable icons of the classical genre in recent times – and at the time of writing, he has managed to sell a grand total of 75 million records worldwide.

Celine Dion once famously remarked that '"if God would have a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli" – and just a few seconds of any of his well-known hits will be enough to understand the level of his prowess.

You can watch Bocelli dueting with Dion in a now-legendary performance of their joint-hit from 1998 'The Prayer' at a special performance in Central Park, New York in 2011.

The song was nominated for both an Academy Award and a Grammy at the time of its release.

Bocelli is a man who has amassed a wide range of world records for his album sales – making him one of the best-selling artists in the history of modern classic crossover music.

But even though he is one of the most prolific artists in the world, he has been forced to overcome some incredibly tough hurdles in his life – hurdles that have no doubt impacted his uncoachable musical ear and performative instincts.

Born visually impaired due to congenital glaucoma, Bocelli, at the age of just 12, was left totally blind in both eyes after suffering a brain haemorrhage in a football accident. To this day, Bocelli remains without his vision in both eyes. Ask Andrea himself about it and he will tell you that he prefers not to see his impairment as a disability – making the most of his situation to carve out a mastery of music that few can match.

Now held to the highest regard in his field, Andrea Bocelli's instantly recognisable tone has made him a household name. Even when you strip away all of the money, album sales, and successes that followed, the sheer beauty of his approach to performance deserves to be celebrated whenever possible.

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