8 Year Old Amelia Uzun Sings Breathtaking Version Of O Sole Mio

O Sole Mio is a profoundly powerful song that has been recorded many times since it was written in 1898. Pavarotti’s version is legendary, so it seems incredible that it could be rivalled by an eight-year-old girl! However, Amelia Uzun has managed to do just that. Amelia is from Moldova and initially became famous performing on Romania’s Got Talent with her mother, Ana Cernicova. They came 5th but received rave reviews for their performances. Even before their elimination, Ana began posting videos of Amelia performing famous songs on her YouTube Channel.

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The videos have proved very popular due to Amelia’s wonderful voice and the fact that she looks like an angel. She has a beautiful smile and eyes that sparkle. Her performance of O Sole Mio has been the most popular video by far.

This could be because it’s such an unusual song choice for a young girl and also because she has such obvious star quality. At the start of the video, she is sitting with a TV presenter and her mum. Her song is introduced, and she walks confidently to the stage, grinning at the camera. She looks beautifully turned out in a white and green dress. The microphone almost looks too big for her, but she sings with such skill and obvious happiness you’ll find yourself grinning as you watch it.

Amelia sways to the music and moves her arms to emphasise the music as she sings. She holds some notes for an impressive length of time, considering what small lungs she must have. She also injects a huge amount of passion into her singing, and it’s clear that she loves the chance to perform on tv. There is no trace of nerves at singing such a famous song on tv. During the whole song, Amelia’s star quality shines through; she seems born to perform.

It’s no wonder this video has 5.5 million views on YouTube, and the comments section is flooded with praise. One commenter expresses it perfectly: “I do believe that is the very best rendition of O Sole Mio I’ve ever heard!! Most seem to think loud is better. This little one sings it perfectly and peaceably, as well as clearly enunciating every word. How refreshing and lovely!”

So far, Amelia does not appear to be touring or spreading her fame outside of Europe, but with such talent let’s wish all the success in the world to this amazing little girl. If you want to see more from this talented young singer you can see more on her mother’s YouTube channel.

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