61-Yr-Old Allan Reinikka Smashes Stereotypes, One Pole Dance At A Time.

There’s a dancer’s pole in the middle of a shiny, dimly lit stage. Out walks burly, balding, bearded sixty-one-year-old Allan Reinikka from Planet Rockhampton in Australia. Allan is asked if he’s going to snap the pole in two or dance on it. Chuckling, Allan replies, “A bit of both. I’ll make it bend a little”. Yes, Music Man readers, this was Australia’s Got Talent 2022, and the 3.3M-views video of Allan’s audition is fair dinkum ridiculous and inspirational in equal measures.

Alan took to the pole in his early 50s. While Allan is tattooed and muscular, and although he wears boxer-style shorts and a vest, Allan’s act is not erotic (except, possibly, inadvertently). It is an exercise routine – Allan holds difficult positions clinging to the pole. This isn’t the choreographed routine of a lithe dancer. No, this is Allan Reinikka and his routine is humorous (intentionally or not). The fact that he can get into his shapes is truly impressive for his age and with his build.

Allan’s message is that it “doesn’t matter how old you are, get out and have a go, you will surprise yourself and everybody else with what you can do.” That’s a great message, and if it takes a white-bearded Australian dangling from a pole like an oversized koala to deliver it, the Music Man approves. Nicole Aitken agrees. She comments: “Honestly, good on him for even giving it a go and for being open-minded enough to not feel today’s stigma attached to pole dancing and the way people look.”

Reinikka makes Uosdwi Srdewo proud to be Australian. Srdewo writes: “This is what I want from Australians. Unexpected. Smashing stereotypes. Able to laugh while taking it completely seriously. Allan embodies Australia literally & in spirit. Brilliant.” Sirdon says,”I actually gave him a standing ovation. Quite unexpected with a little touch of funny.” Kab exclaims, “OMG. He’s like Santa on a pole! I can’t unsee this image next time I see him!” There’s more! Allan took his talent to the USA:

Alas, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell buzzed Allan, denying America the opportunity to receive Allan’s full message. It also denied US viewers the spectacle of Allan Reinikka in full flight. Hopefully, the snippet that was broadcast was long enough for Americans to register the image of Santa pole dancing in his underwear. To their credit, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara voted “Yes,” but Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum’s “No” eliminated Allan Reinikka from America’s Got Talent 2023. There is no accounting for taste!

Zev Meth notes, “That first 08s was actually pretty cool and impressive. The judges never give pole dancers a chance, they always just go with the stereotype!” User-rj2xx9 asserts, “That guy is awesome. Check the video from AGT Australia. Are Australians more open-minded than Americans?” What do you think, Music Man readers?

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