Alice Fredenham Conquers BGT Stage Fright To Deliver “Sexy, Sultry” Sinatra Cover

28-year-old beauty therapist Alice Fredenham didn’t dare tell a soul she was auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent due to her fear of failure. However, when she stepped up to the mic, she rose above it all to deliver a captivating, sultry version of the Frank Sinatra favourite “My Funny Valentine”.

The Hertfordshire songstress sang in a low, husky register for the performance while also adding a touch of feminine energy to the song made famous by Ol’ Blue Eyes. Before singing, a clearly nervous Alice explained to the judges that she was “scared” and explained that “I didn’t tell anyone because I just thought I’d go it alone, then if I’m not successful I don’t have to admit that to anyone.” Check out her audition below

During her season seven appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, Alice admitted that getting up on the big stage wasn’t easy for her, saying “stage fright is something I’ve battled with. If someone says no then for me it’s like I’m not good enough. That’s where most of the nervousness comes from. I want to prove to everyone that I’m here for something more than what they maybe thought.”

Despite her nerves, Alice showed herself to be a natural performer with her crooning take on the 1930s jazz standard and really drew the audience in with her sensual energy. The judges agreed, giving four yes votes in quick order. This allowed her to progress to the semi-finals, where she continued her vintage theme by singing Arthur Hamilton’s 1953 love song “Cry Me a River”. Watch her stunning performance of the classic below.

Judge Simon Cowell was blown away by Alice’s audition, saying “Oh my god. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Your voice is like liquid gold. You have such an authentically beautiful voice and you look amazing. You could sing the phone book. I absolutely love your voice and I also love that you don’t even know how good you are.” Alice was clearly hit hard by this high praise and began tearing up, although she showed a big smile on her face.

Amanda Holden was also a big fan, saying “I have to say that was the most mesmerizing, sultry, sexy performance. And I fell in love with you,” which got a big cheer from the crowd. David Walliams then asked why Alice was crying, to which she replied “I just don’t think I ever expected this kind of response, it’s my dream.” Walliams followed this up with “when you sing, you’re like a goddess. It’s incredible and you’re world class.

I can’t wait to hear you sing again.” The host then rushed a tissue over to Alice, who was in a bit of a state by that point.
In response to Alesha Dixon’s question, Alice reiterated that “I just didn’t want to let anyone down so I thought I’d just come by myself.” Dixon told her that “you’re simply beautiful and you’ve let no one down. Alice later gave an impressive performance in the semi-final round, as you can see in the second video, although she was nonetheless eliminated after her second appearance.

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