Algal The Bard Creates Awesome Medieval Cover Using Traditional Instruments

Algal the Bard is a truly talented artist, able to adapt any song to suit his unusual but entertaining playing style, transporting his listeners back to a time of knights, Kings and Bards.

His medieval mix up of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” will transport you back in time. Using only medieval musical instruments, check out this wonderfully unique cover.

Algal the Bard System of a Down

System of a Down is probably one of the most well-known heavy metal bands in the world, producing iconic tracks such as “B.Y.O.B” and “Toxicity.” Well, a well-known YouTuber by the name of Algal the Bard has taken their song “Toxicity” and added a little old-world twist.

The modern-day bard has taken the famous piece and turned it into something more akin to a medieval banquet piece. Playing the piece with a variety of different medieval musical instruments including the hand drum, tambourine, flute and even a lute.

System Of A Down Medieval Style

The piece starts with the rhythmic section being played on lute, which the skill is clearly evident from the way Algal plucks away at the strings of the old instrument. The percussion is played through the use of a tambourine and single hand drum which adds a surprising authenticity to the piece that captures the attention of those listening.

The lyrics, always sang by the epically gifted Serj Tankian, are emulated through the playing of a flute, which considering the original veracity of the song, works very well in this particular medieval piece. The video is a fantastic ode to both the modern song and the seemingly long-gone music of yesteryear. This particular style of music, including the instruments, seems to be coming back into fashion, with a number of different artists on YouTube embracing the instruments and sounds of the past.

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