Dog Sings Furtastic Version Of “Breathe Slow” To Original Singer Alesha Dixon

Mouse the dog sang a furtastic version of “Breathe Slow” on Britain’s Got Talent – in front of the original singer herself Alesha Dixon. Dixon was judging the auditions when she got a big surprise and burst out laughing when the music came on. Then the real magic happened when Mouse the dog opened his mouth and sang along!

Mouse, as his owner Michelle sat next to him, howled along somewhat in key to the pop tune. There were several people in the audience wiping away tears of laughter while Mouse earnestly sang along, and the judges could barely hold it together as the cuteness overload played out onstage. Check Mouse’s impressive performance on the 2023 auditions below.

Mouse was a smash hit on his Britain’s Got Talent audition, getting four yes votes from the judges. He was also quite a sweetheart, putting on his best behavior despite the no doubt intimidating task of performing in front of so many people.

After the audition, Dixon asked why the duo chose her top 5 UK hit “Breathe Slow”, to which Michelle said “I don’t know – he chose it himself,” getting a laugh from the pop star. Simon Cowell couldn’t help himself from giving Dixon a cheeky roast at that point, saying “You know sometimes you hear a great song and you think ‘it can’t be better’. But actually that was better than the original in my opinion, and I don’t say that very often.” Check out Dixon’s original recording below.

Simon added that he almost hit the coveted golden buzzer during the performance, before giving a wink to Michelle. Judge Amanda Holden then suggested “If you did go forward, then maybe Mouse and Alesha could perform together.” Dixon, ever a good sport, replied with “It’d be different – I like a challenge.”

Dixon then gave her judgment, saying “I thought the whole thing was very charming, very unexpected, so I’m going to say yes.” Mouse then got four yes votes, which brings him closer to Michelle’s dream of using the winnings from the series to give the pupper a pair of new hips.

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