Adele Sings “When We Were Young” Live From The Church Studios

Adele showed up at The Church Studios and delivered a live performance of “When We Were Young” that left her fans stunned. The studio setting provided a stark, almost raw backdrop that complemented the song’s theme of looking back to simpler times. You can hear the incredible detail and depth in Adele’s voice

The video of this performance received widespread acclaim and attention, further cementing Adele’s status as one of the most talented and emotive vocalists of her generation. This breathtaking live studio performance racked up an unbelievable 684 million views – watch it below.

In many ways, “Rolling in the Deep” is where it all started for Adele. Released in 2010, the first single from her second album, 21, became her breakout hit, making her a household name in the UK and across the Atlantic. It was a number 1 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts, staying there – incredibly – for seven weeks. It won three Grammy Awards. It has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Rolling Stone magazine ranked it as the 82nd best song ever written.

Move forward to November 2021, almost eleven years since the song’s release. Adele has long been established as a worldwide superstar and is now doing a show called “An Audience with Adele”, filmed at the London Palladium. In many ways, this show feels like a celebration of the last decade, marking the journey that she has been on. Though she now lives in LA, it is fitting that the concert takes place in her home city, which is so entwined with her identity and personality.

The format for the show, filming a live performance to a relatively small number of fans (by Adele’s standards), is well suited to the brilliant singer. Here, she can joke with the audience and show off her amazing voice with maximum impact. The glamour comes from the huge roster of celebrities in the audience, including Samuel L Jackson, Emma Watson, Dawn French, Suranne Jones, Stormzy, Jonathan Ross, David Tennant, Gareth Southgate, Emma Thompson, Michael McIntyre and Stella McCartney.

The climax of the night came when Adele performed “Rolling in the Deep”, the video of which has been viewed over 13 million times on YouTube. It wasn’t long before everyone in the audience was on their feet, clapping and singing their hearts out to a song that has become so familiar since its release.

The watching celebrities are seen dancing in a state of near-hysteria at the joy of the occasion. This triumphant homecoming ended with everyone on their feet, applauding all Adele had achieved over the last decade.

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