Adam Ladell A 16-Year-Old With Tourette Syndrome With An Incredible Voice

The Voice is a worldwide talent show that helps smaller artists and wannabe vocalists reach wider audiences through its rigorous competition, and it brings in some truly incredible talent. One such talent was Adam Ladell, a young man with Tourette Syndrome from Melbourne Victoria who would show his bravery as well as his vocal capabilities on the singing show.

As someone new to the world of performing in front of audiences, it must be a terrifying experience initially. Despite this, 16-year-old Adam Ladell appeared on The Voice and dominated his rendition of Trouble by Coldplay which blew the judges away. Little did they know just how brave this young man was. Watch the whole video here:

Despite fairly obvious, and understandable, nerves, Ladell excelled in his audition on The Voice. So much so that all of the coaches pressed their buttons before Ladell was even halfway through his performance, and each one had a look of shock on their faces to see such a young man in front of them. A roar erupted from the audience when Ladell finished his performance, with his parents watching from the side and bursting with pride.

When it came to the coach’s comments, it was the Irish pop legend Ronan Keating who commented on the young man’s bravery. The shock from him being 16 years old is enough, but paired with the impact Tourette Syndrome can have on an individual’s life, it’s no wonder the coaches were astounded. Ladell explains that his tics disappear whenever he’s singing, to which one coach replies: “That’s the magic of music.”

Ladell’s dazzling performance and young age are an inspiring combination for many, especially those who share his struggles with Tourette Syndrome. One individual who has pushed through the problems of Tourette Syndrome embraced it, and became a worldwide pop phenomenon is the modern Scottish superstar Lewis Capaldi. Despite his late diagnosis, he now openly discusses the condition when he can, which has earned him worldwide respect and even more adoration.

Despite his diagnosis and praise from fans around the world, Capaldi still struggles with his condition. During a live performance on his arena tour in Germany, Capaldi suffered from a Tourette’s episode that left him temporarily unable to continue performing. In a touching wave of support, fans immediately began singing the song he was performing – Someone You Loved – for him until he was able to continue.

Tourette Syndrome is a condition of the nervous system that causes people to have what is known as ‘tics’: repetitive behaviors or unwanted sounds that can’t be easily controlled. The aspect of Tourette Syndrome that makes it harder to fully understand is that almost everyone who has Tourette Syndrome has entirely different tics; some are more vocal than others, and some can be rather self-damaging and potentially dangerous for the individual. If you would like to see more from Adam Ladell, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram.

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