5 Star Boys Smash BGT Audition With A Heartfelt Anti Bullying Message

Your time at school is meant to be the “best days of your life.” It certainly is for some, but for others, bullying can make it a daily nightmare. That’s why an act simply named 5 Boys was so popular on the fifteenth series of Britain’s Got Talent.

The boys all came from Swindon but strangely didn’t form the group till they met at a dance convention in Birmingham. They formed a bond, both due to their love of dancing and the fact that they had all been bullied for it.

Even after the runaway popularity of Strictly Come Dancing, dance is still considered inappropriate for boys in the school environment and can make them a target for bullies. These brave boys stuck together, supporting each other when the bullies struck. They formed their group to spread the message all over the country that there is nothing funny, weird or shameful about boys who choose to dance.

This inspiring message moved judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon almost to tears and the 5 Boys were very popular with the audience.

The boys’ names are Adam, Beau, Joey, Ollie and Toby-Jay and they were between ten and twelve years old when they auditioned for the show. They performed a fantastic dance routine to the song You Will Be Found from the musical Dear Evan Hansen. The boys looked impeccable with four of them starting the dance in matching jackets.

Ollie is excluded, dancing alone as the routine continues. The dance conveys a beautiful message, as Toby-Jay encourages Ollie to join the band as they are stronger together. The performance ends with Ollie joining the gang and being given a matching jacket of his own. It’s so wonderful to watch as many of us, at school or not, feel isolated and are longing for others to extend the hand of friendship. All any of us really want is to feel accepted and included. It’s amazing these five boys could pack such a great message and so much emotion into a short routine.

The judges agreed with Simon stating it was the best audition that day. The boys exploded into the semi-finals in different coloured outfits. They performed This Is Me from The Greatest Showman and conveyed the idea of bringing colour to an otherwise grey world. They advanced to the final bringing their most beautiful message yet.

They performed to Heroes by David Bowie and expressed how they had all supported each other through the trauma of being bullied and how their love of dance had forged a bond between them. It’s tragic that they didn’t win but there were many massively talented acts in the final and in the end, 5 Boys finished eleventh in the series. Although, as that’s the average age of the boys it’s strangely appropriate.

Win or lose the boys seem sure to be successful going forward. After the show, they joined judge Alesha Dixon and comedian Jason Manford on the National Lottery’s New Year’s Eve Big Bash. Let’s keep our eyes peeled for more news of these fabulous boys in the future.

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