Japanese Band Create A Weirdly Awesome Music Video Guaranteed To Make You Smile

If you are having a bit of a down day, then you need to watch the video we are going to discuss below. The video proves you don’t need a massive budget to create an engaging and awesome music video.

World Order as they are known on YouTube is a band of five members, formed by the mixed martial artist Genki Sudo following his retirement from the sport. They usually perform their performances out in public view, often giving amazing, technically challenging performances out in the tightly packed streets of Japan.

World Order are best known for their synchronised robotic dance routines, often involving members of the public, much to their shock and amusement. This can be seen quite clearly in their music video of “Have a Nice Day” filmed back in 2016.

The video shows the five strutting in a strangely amusing robotic style walk as they walk around the streets of a busy city. The music is upbeat and electronic, giving the video a slightly warped, if hilarious theme. The title is an accurate representation of this strange video, which after watching will leave you with a smile on your face. The group grows in size as the video progressed, leading to a huge group of identically dressed performers dancing robot style in various locations around the city.


Below is another music video from the group, this time starting out in an airport and taking their crazy movements to another level.

World Order also currently holds their very own Guinness World Record for the most amount of people to perform a synchronised robotic dance, which currently stands at 647 people.

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World Order’s enthusiastic and entertaining videos can be seen on their YouTube channel which currently sits at over 687,000 subscribers.

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