Older Woman Starts Randomly Body Popping To Dance Music

When your song comes on and you just can’t resist!

A brilliant video of an older lady showing off her dance moves has recently been circulating around Facebook. The video was captured with the song “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics playing in the background.

That beat is just too tempting…

The song was too tempting for this lady to ignore, so she jumps up and starts showing off her skills. (Full video at the bottom of this post).

As she starts moving, people around her begin to notice and smile in her direction as they watch her get in the zone. Its not every day that you see a woman of her age moving around like that, especially in the middle of the day!

She definitely has the moves!

This woman must have been a dancer in her youth to have these moves prepared and ready to go. She is awesome, and maybe we’ll end up seeing her on The Ellen Show at some point?? It’s the sort of thing Ellen would love to cover I am sure.

Watch the full video below and be amazed. If anyone knows who this brilliant dancer is please let us know in the comments so we can credit her and look out for more clips of her! Keep your body moving and you will be set for life!

Watch The Full Video Below

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