Tom Jones Crashes Engelbert Humperdinck’s TV Gig & The Legends Duet In Cheeky Segment

What’s better than seeing Sir Tom Jones perform live in 1969? Seeing Sir Tom Jones perform with Engelbert Humperdinck in 1969! That’s right, the two legendary baritones got together for a memorable segment on The Engelbert Humperdinck Show in December 1969. Humperdinck hosted many stars on his variety show, but there’s something about his collaboration with Sir Tom that keeps people coming back all these decades later.

The performance starts with Humperdinck crooning “My Way” before he picks up the pace and steamrolls into Sir Tom’s signature song “It’s Not Unusual.” Sir Tom walks onto the stage like a storm cloud, and Humperdinck’s performance peters out unceremoniously as he looks rather chastened by Tiger’s disapproving glare. After a bit of banter back and forth, Sir Tom then sings “My Way” solo and then surprises the crowd by transitioning into Humperdinck’s tune “The Last Waltz.”

After they each had a crack at the other’s tunes, the two baritones begin to sing “My Way” together and then shake hands. After their duet, Sir Tom closes the show by singing “Proud Mary” solo. The two lads clearly had a ball doing the cheeky bit and enjoyed working off each other vocally. It’s impossible not to smile when you see their cheesy grins after they knock “My Way” out of the park together. It’s also a real treat to hear two such vocal powerhouses going for broke together on stage.

Fans watching online ate up what Humperdinck and Sir Tom were putting down. They added comments such as “Whenever I hear Tom Jones, I feel that the microphone could be optional. What a powerful voice,” and “Honestly, what a beautiful duet and two beautiful voices that blend so well together. They could be twins – that’s how their voices are in sync. Humongous talent.” Sir Tom sure had a busy schedule in ‘69, as on his own show he also found time to sing a stunning duet with Stevie Wonder that year.

Sir Tom and Humperdinck sang their duet on the pilot for The Engelbert Humperdinck Show. Talk about kicking things off with a bang! Humperdinck hosted the show for six months before the show’s run terminated in 1970. The appearance by the two stars was no coincidence, as both Sir Tom and Humperdinck were managed by Gordon Mills in the 1960s. Mills was a London-based manager and songwriter who wrote several hits for both singers, including Sir Tom’s debut single and breakout hit “It’s Not Unusual.”

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