The Weeknd And Ariana Grande Deliver Duet Of The Decade With Live Performance Of ‘Save Your Tears’

The Weeknd and Ariana Grande are two of the most popular artists in the world, with the former topping the chart for the most monthly Spotify listeners worldwide, and the latter coming in at number six. It’s no surprise, then, that when these two iconic artists started collaborating, they created some serious waves among their fanbases. As of 2024, the pair have collaborated numerous times, although one of their most popular duets has to be a remix of The Weeknd’s 2020 track ‘Save Your Tears’.

To celebrate this collaboration, the pair performed the track in 2021 at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, with The Weeknd starting the performance on his own and Ariana shocking the audience midway through with a surprise appearance. The video has since reached an eye-watering 247 million people, and given the quality of both artists’ vocal abilities it is little wonder; The Weeknd’s vocals sound exactly like they do on the recording, whilst Ariana shows off her four-octave vocal range.

The pair’s natural chemistry is evident too, with both artists looking intently at each other as they sing and dance around the stage. The Weeknd, in particular, seems to be a huge fan of Ariana’s, mouthing along to her parts while she is singing and encouraging the crowd to cheer her as much as possible. The duo even share a sweet hug at the end of the performance – introducing each other as the audience screams for more – before walking offstage with their arms draped around each other.

This rendition of ‘Save Your Tears’ isn’t the only popular live duet between these two insanely talented artists either. Back in 2015, they collaborated on an acoustic performance of their duet ‘Love Me Harder,’ which had been released as a single the previous year. Although the pair’s chemistry isn’t nearly as strong in this video, their voices still blend together beautifully, with one viewer commenting that the performance was proof of their status as generation-defining artists.

The Weeknd and Ariana might be forces to be reckoned with as standalone artists, but the two duets referenced here prove that they are equally adept at creating stunning collaborations. To date, the duo have collaborated on a track every single year since 2020, so let’s hope that we’re in for another equally incredible one later in 2024.

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