The Melisizwe Brothers Dubbed The Most Musical Family In America

Dubbed “The Most Musical Family In America” by a Nicolodeon competition, these three brothers are amongst the most talented young musicians you’ll see this year, for sure.

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The Melisizwe Brothers are an incredibly talented group of young men from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The group are made up of Marc (17), Seth (14) and Zacary (13) who, despite their age, are already classically trained, multi-talented musicians!

Lead guitarist, Marc, trained at Leduc school of Music – a school which usually does not permit male vocalists under the age of 16 but, after hearing Marc’s extraordinary voice, they made an exception! As well as being a talented vocalist, Marc plays acoustic guitar, bass guitar, clarinet and piano. Seth is the group’s lead pianist who was inspired to start playing the piano at just 5 years old.

After hearing worship songs at his local church being played with a fusion of classical and jazz, he just had to give it a try and, within a year, was performing complex pieces in talent shows and competitions across Alberta. He now also adds the violin, acoustic guitar and drums to his list of musical abilities.

The youngest of the group, Zacary, is lead vocalist of the group and currently plays no less than 11 musical instruments! He began formal piano training at Leduc School of Music at just 4 years old and was performing alongside his brothers aged 6!

The boys formed their band in 2014 and within a year were going viral on the internet with their incredible performances. Their rendition of “I’ll be there” by the Jackson 5 has amassed an incredible 60 million views on YouTube and has led to the brothers being invited to perform for audiences all over the world.

The Melisizwe Brothers even caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who featured them on her primetime show! They have also performed on America’s Got Talent, The Steve Show, Motown Magic, Little Big Shots and Time Square New Year’s Eve!

The sky’s the limit for these brothers as they continue to write, record and produce their own music and wow audiences all over the world with their live shows. Earlier this year, they were crowned the winners of the Nickelodeon competition show, “America’s Most Musical Family” and were awarded a record contract with Republic Records. We hope that this well-deserved prize means we will be hearing much more from The Melisizwe Brothers in the future!

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