Nigerian Twins Start Singing Beautiful Harmonies As They Put On Head Ties

The Glorious Twins are real-life twin sisters from Nigeria who have been recorded numerous times singing and harmonising with each other. You know how they say twins share a connection that is far beyond that of us regular mortals? Well, the Glorious Twins may be proof of that. At such a young age these two Nigerian ladies are producing some wonderful harmonies.

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Videos of the two singers have been going viral on different social media platforms.

The video above is the first video that went viral from the African duo. They touched the hearts of millions of people around the world, singing whilst putting on their head ties.

The twins have glorious voices, excuse the pun, however we can’t find much information about them online at present. The Music Man will try to set up an interview with these talented young ladies before updating this article.

There doesn’t appear to be any official YouTube or Facebook channels for the girls. On YouTube, a channel called “AMBASSADOR TV” seems to have uploaded a few more videos of the young singers.

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