16 Friends Perform “Stand By Me” Without Any Instruments Reaching 4M Views

The Buzztones is a professional London based A Capella group. The group is made up of 15 (one member has since left) friends who hold a shared love of the polyphonic style. The group formed in 2011 when the gang of friends got together and decided that they would become the next big UK A Capella group to be envied the world over.

Since its inception, they have become synonymous with light-hearted, engaging, and comical performances on shows such as “The One Show” on the BBC, featuring multiple times over the years. In 2013 The Buzztones were finalists in “View from The Shard” which features a wide variety of A Capella groups and artists.

In the true style of the A Capella band, their cover of Ben E King’s “Stand By Me” is a true representation of what we all love about a truly great A Capella band. Full-bodied, rich, and immersive, the band perfectly flow throughout the cover, with not a missed note or hiccup in harmonising to be found throughout the whole performance.

Following their success, they went on to debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a long-standing favourite for new and unique artists. Their show was a complete success, selling out and wowing the crowds with their vocal veracity and prowess. This standout performance eventually led to a return to the festival in 2015 and a storming win at the Moscow spring A Capella competition in 2018. The Buzztones unique style and compelling performances have often led them towards high acclaim. In 2015 they performed live at the England v Wales World Cup match, as well as hosting a series of sell-out shows in the preceding years of 2012 and 2013 at The Bedford.

Not quite settling for mere live shows, the 14 strong group, a healthy mix of Bass, Baritone and Tenor singers have gone on to star as guests on the aforementioned “One Show” amongst a host of other notable and popular TV and radio stations such as Channel 4 and Capitol FM.

The energetic bunch are a popular fixture within the sporting sector. They have played at such prestigious sporting events like the FA Cup Final as well as the Aviva Premiership and the Rugby World Cup in 2015. The Buzztones strive to break stereotypes in the world of A Capella, often picking new and edgy songs to cover, in their unique, instrument-simulated vocal harmonies. Their willingness to tackle even the most “poppy” songs is endearing and perfectly showcases their range of talent and vocal skill sets amongst the group.

The rascal group are never afraid to take up a challenge and regularly hit songs head-on with truly amazing mash-up style performances. A perfect example of this is their mash-up of the two Linkin Park songs “Numb” and “In The End,” which is a fantastic showcase of how truly versatile an A Capella group can be, it lends itself well to the singing style of former Linkin Park lead man Chester Bennington, with a little twist of their own unique magic thrown into the mix.

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Article Writer: Connor Cross
Website: Pin The World

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