Teen Busker Quartet Luminites Show Off Amazing Chemistry In Unique BGT Audition

The busking quartet Luminites showed off some A-grade chemistry in their unique Britain’s Got Talent audition when they put their own spin on Millie Jackson’s “It Hurts So Good.” The band members, who are aged 18 to 21, are such talents that they brilliantly come together to form a strange brew. Acoustic guitarist Corey kicked off the song, and then vocalist Steph sang so beautifully in a delicate R&B style that she instantly got a cheer from the crowd.

Then things got real when beatboxer Ben dropped a bombastic beat on his mic and really put on a show like he was DJing to a stadium. JJ began harmonizing with Steph and then the pair teed off on a gorgeous dual chorus. They weren’t done yet though, as guitarist Corey also dropped a smooth rap verse, completing a one-of-a-kind audition on the show.

The Luminites were a big hit online, with their audition attracting 14 million views on YouTube. Judge Alesha Dixon was picking up what Luminites were putting down. She told the four-piece, “You’re a ready-made band, you’re fresh. I love the blend and the chemistry between you. The beatboxing is wicked, your voice is beautiful.”

Amanda Holden said, “It was amazing. It feels unique, and the harmony is perfect. It was absolutely a brilliant audition.” Funnyman David Walliams, never failing to make things as awkward as possible, said, “What is there not to like about you. Fantastic song, you’re all brilliant musicians. You’re all very easy on the eye as well.” When JJ acted like he was getting flustered at this, Walliams deadpanned, “I didn’t mean you so much actually,” before concluding with, “You’re like ready-made stars.”

Simon Cowell wrapped up the judges’ comments by saying, “The song choice was absolutely genius. Your vocals were outstanding. It’s by far the best audition we’ve heard today.” The judges then voted on the quartet, giving them, in Cowell’s words, “Four big fat yeses.”
Luminites then progressed through several rounds on the show. They performed the Bee Gees’ “To Love Somebody”, and won the semi-final round with 35.6% of the vote. They progressed to the final and eventually placed fifth overall. After the show, the band toured England and also released their debut single “Do Something”, which hit number 65 on the UK Singles Chart.

If you enjoyed the unique sound and incredible talent of busking quartet, the Luminites, subscribe to their YouTube Channel for more performances. Their combination of acoustic guitar, delicate R&B vocals, bombastic beatboxing, and harmonising makes for a truly original and immersive listening experience. As Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon said, the Luminites are “a ready made band, you’re fresh. I love the blend and the chemistry between you. The beatboxing is wicked, your voice is beautiful.” Be sure to tune in for their future auditions and performances.

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