Teddy Swims Sings Valerie With Stunning Vocal Tone

Before Teddy Swims was hitting the mainstream, he’d record these incredible acoustic sessions that would breath new life into classic songs. If you want to hear the most perfect acoustic rendition of The Zutons’ (Amy Winehouse) Valerie – then look no further.

Teddy sits down in front of a condenser mic next to his friend on the acoustic guitar and the duo produce a stripped back masterpiece that has racked up over 15 million views. His vocal tone is exceptional as they create one of the most popular covers of this classic track since Amy Winehouse’s version.

Victor Ray and Teddy Swims’ voices are a match made in heaven. Taking to one of London’s prime busking spots on the street corner of Piccadilly Circus, these two pop-soul singers performed a spellbinding cover of Gnarls Barkley’s #1 hit “Crazy” in a video that will leave you covered in goosebumps.

Victor Ray (aged 24) glides from powerhouse soul vocals to sugary falsettos, embellished with A-class ad-libs and melodic runs which make the 2006 hit his own. Teddy Swims, meanwhile, promotes a similar strain of R&B/soul music. Matching Victor’s show-stopping vocals with an American edge, Teddy’s voice is liberating, raw, and profound; a pure, refined talent through and through.

Teddy claimed worldwide recognition one year before his live duet with Victor. This 31-year-old singer-songwriter from Georgia, USA, landed his first #1 in 2023 with the single, “Lose Control” — an unstoppable international hit which broke the Top 5 in over 20 countries. His career began when he started posting viral music covers on YouTube back in 2019. Two of these old-school covers still boast greater view counts than “Lose Control” ’s official music video, with views breaking the 150M mark!

While Teddy has earned his worldwide recognition, Victor Ray is the unsung star of this busking set. Born in Uganda, raised in Newcastle, and now regularly performing each week in Central London, Victor Ray is a rising star on the UK R&B scene. He’s already got two EPs under his belt: 2023’s “i felt.” and “i was.”, while his 2024 single, “Comfortable,” has hit over 2.4M views on YouTube, all crossing pop’s diverse sub-genres from bluesy soul power moves to Ed Sheeran style acoustic tracks.

Victor credits his patience, showmanship, and insane vocal ability to the years he’s spent busking, practicing, and performing for passers-by, attempting to earn their interest and spread his name across the capital’s music scene. He’s also a TikTok star promoting his music to an incredible audience of 3.2M followers, influenced by his teenage heroes Usher and J. Cole, and praised for his lyrical vulnerability.

But this Piccadilly Circus performance with Teddy Swims wasn’t the first time these two brand new stars had coalesced. Teddy and Victor have also teamed up on a live cover of John Legend’s “Ordinary Man” at SoFar Sounds, London, and the friendship gleaming between them during this set is simply amazing. Check out the video above!

Victor and Teddy’s collabs radiate true respect for each other’s music, a majestic combination of authenticity and shared adoration for soul-stirring jams. We’re praying Victor’s ascent to Teddy Swims’ level of stardom comes swift and smooth — this guy is truly earning it with his insane voice, so keep your eye out for him!

Enjoy the compelling vocal talents of Victor Ray and Teddy Swims in their stunning cover of “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. Victor Ray, only 24 years old, delivers powerhouse soul vocals and sweet falsettos that will leave you breathless. Stay updated with Victor’s latest music by following him on Instagram. Teddy Swims, an equally enchanting singer-songwriter from Georgia, complements Victor’s astounding vocals with an American edge. You can check out his viral music covers including his first single “Lose Control” on his YouTube channel.

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