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There are so many talented artists that are not in the mainstream, it’s easy to miss their videos. The Music Man is always searching for the next mesmerising video so you don’t have to. We only send the best videos and never any spam!

Example Videos:

#1. Here are two absolutely awesome vocalists.
Father and son Brian & Thomas Owens! Brian Owens Soul! They nailed this great Sam Cooke classic “A Change is Gonna Come” perfectly! Sit back & just watch this great performance.

#2. Great crowd reaction! Great Rock!
Seen here really getting the crowd going is the Mega-Mega Rock ‘N Roller’ Cam Cole playing in London recently!

#3. Talk about thinking outside the box!
Here from France are a special talent Les Fo’ Plafonds. These young people’s take on this fantastic piece of music (Misirlou) playing all sorts of objects is mind-bogglingly brilliant!

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[thrive_leads id=’8541′]